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Portable Process and Pressure Calibration Instruments

Time Electronics offer a range of portable process instruments for field and laboratory use. Products include temperature calibrators and simulators for RTD and PT100 applications, and loop instruments for field instrumentation testing of transmitters, transducers and sensors.

Also available is a series of pressure calibration equipment including pressure calibrators, pneumatic and hydraulic hand pumps and digital pressure gauges. Models are designed to be high precision, durable, and simple operation for use across industries.

1090 Portable Process Calibrator

1090 Portable Process Calibrator

  • Measure/simulate thermocouples
  • Measure/simulate PT100
  • Measure/source (µV/mV/mA)
  • Display in °C and °F
  • Automatic CJC - selectable
  • 10 point memory recall
  • Process loops 4-20mA/0-50mA
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