XREG Pressure Regulator Kit

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XREG Pressure Regulator Kit

A piston sensed pressure single stage reducing regulator for use in providing a stable pressure to precision pressure control devices. Suitable controlling pressures up to 210 bar, the regulator covers the range needed for the majority of line pressure requirements in calibration applications.

The XREG is primarily utilised on compressed air or nitrogen cylinders that are providing a line supply to CalBench systems, pneumatic controllers or calibrators. The regulator is supplied as a kit that that we pre-configured for use with the customer's cylinder and pressure system.

When ordered with a system, the necessary fittings, adaptors and hoses are included. Hoses are made to measure based on the positioning of the cylinder and the CalBench or pressure calibration system. When ordered individually a standard configuration for 1/4 " NPT cylinder connection is provided.

The regulator has 2 fitted analogue pressure gauges (63 mm, class 1.6) to display the input and output pressure. Both gauges are for use up to 250 bar (3500 psi).


  • Piston sensed pressure reducing regulator
  • Suitable for use with gas or N2 cylinders
  • Control line pressure to CalBench systems
  • Regulation up to 210 bar (3045 psi)
  • Industrial grade for arduous use
  • Smooth adjustment with bronze bearing
  • Inlet and outlet gauges supplied, 250 bar
  • Pneumatic use only, air or inert gas


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XREG Pressure Regulator Kit

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