Time Electronics decade boxes are an established range of products with over 50 years of manufacturing history and quality behind them. They are passive devices that utilise a series of internal resistors, capacitors, or inductors to replicate specific electrical values in an application. 

They are commonly used as a time-saving tool in electronic circuit design where electrical values can be substituted into a circuit and replace any standard value component. This enables users to find the optimum value for circuit operation instead of trialling several components individually.

For calibration work decade boxes are suitable for verifying the accuracy of measuring devices and test equipment including multimeters. Resistance decade boxes are commonly used for Pt100 simulation to calibrate RTD transmitters and resistance temperature devices. 

Our decade boxes are dependable units that combine precision and stability with simple operation. We designed to be robust and reliable, covering the requirements of lab or field use. This has made them the preferred choice of engineers, technicians, and educators for over half a century.