8100 Instrumentation Test Stand

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8100 Instrumentation Test Stand

The 8100 is a multi-purpose test stand, primarily for use with process instrumentation in the workshop or lab. It is a compact workstation that provides users with quick and customiseable setups for common testing applications and service work. These include practical mounting of various pressure transmitters and gauges, temperature transmitters, RTDs and thermocouples.

A solid aluminium track plate situates on a non-slip rubber mat, providing a sturdy base for working with heavy transmitters and other devices. The base allows the fixtures and tools to be easily connected, with knurled knob thumb screws and clamps to secure them in place. The fixtures can slide back and forth along the tracks for an optimal working position. They can also be removed and repositioned as per user preference.

The 8100 is supplied as a comprehensive kit with tools and fixtures for a variety of tasks. Tools include 3 adjustable spanners, electric screwdriver, bit set, folding triangle hex key set, and cable tie set. Additional fixtures are provided to connect to the base plate and the upright clamp sections.


  • Multi-purpose test stand
  • For process & pressure instrumentation
  • Configurable solution for workshop use
  • 2 transmitter poles for U-bolt connections
  • Pressure manifold with quick connect port
  • Quick-vice with sliding jaw
  • Retort rod for RTDs and thermocouples
  • Supplied as kit with tools
8100 Transmitter Mounting

Transmitter Mounting

An upright support with clamp mechanism is used to hold poles (2 supplied) either vertically or horizontally, for u-bolt transmitter mounting. The clamp mechanism features a front and rear section for this purpose (rear: vertical, front: horizontal).

These clamp sections have step jaws that are tightened with cylinder bolts. An electric screwdriver is supplied to speed up the setup process. The clamp jaws are also utilised for direct mounting of instrumentation, or for holding angle brackets that connect to transmitters.

8100 Manifold

Manifolds for Gauge Mounting

A compact single port pneumatic pressure manifold connects to the base track with a clamp fitting to enable positioning as required. It features a hand-tight connector for the UUT side.

A dual port version is optional (model 7161), and versions for hydraulic work are also available. Different UUT pressure ports can be specified.


Technical Specification
General Specification


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8100 Instrumentation Test Stand

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