CalBench Packages

Pre-configured packages for industrial applications

As a guideline for our customers we have configured several packages to cover common industrial calibration, training and R&M applications. Each package consists of a CalBench system with fittings, integrated modules, accompanying products and accessories.

Each package can be customised as required, with a wide range modules and extras available for inclusion into each system. Modules or items can be exchanged for others, for example pressure ranges of modules can be modified to customer requirements.

Process Instrumentation CalBenches

Process Instrumentation CalBenches

CalBenches for process, pressure and temperature instrumentation calibration.

Pressure Calibration CalBench Packages

Pressure Calibration CalBenches

CalBenches for calibration of pressure devices such as gauges, transmitters, switches.

Wide Workload CalBench Packages

Wide Workload CalBenches

CalBenches for electrical, temperature, pressure and process calibration.

Electrical Calibration CalBench Packages

Electrical Calibration CalBenches

CalBenches for calibration of engineers test tools, meters, and electrical safety testers.

Repair and Maintenance CalBench Packages

Repair and Maintenance CalBenches

CalBenches for general electrical work including repairs, troubleshooting, soldering and re-work.

Instrumentation Training CalBench Packages

Instrumentation Training CalBenches

CalBenches for instrument engineer and technician training and education.