A range of instruments that provide users with calibration capabilities for electrical testers and meters. With these products you can test and verify the broad scope of electricians testing devices, accurately and efficiently.

There are various types of testers that check a wide range of electrical parameters. Models can be either single-function devices or comprehensive multifunction units. A combination of calibration equipment is often needed to test and verify different types and functions.

The 5068 and 5069 models are primarily resistance units for use in calibrating insulation testers. The 5070 is designed for 4-wire calibration of micro-ohmmeters and the 5080 for portable appliance testers.

The 5030 is a multifunction calibrator for RCD, loop, insulation, earth testers and multifunction installation testers. It is typically utilised in the calibration laboratory, with automated testing using EasyCal software. For calibration of multimeters and clamp meters, see our multifunction calibrators range.