Professional services for CalBench customers

For CalBench projects we offer a range of professional services for our customers worldwide. We have designed and supplied systems and complete workshops as part of contracts requiring a high level of supplier and vendor communication and interaction.

We support end users with dedicated technical consultancy in the pre-sale stage, to determine the optimal configurations and product selection. We then work with various departments and teams to ensure all budgeting, scheduling and contractual requirements are met.

After sales services include project data creation and compilation. We work with engineering teams and document controllers to provide the necessary information, drawings, inspection reports and more. 

We offer factory based services including acceptance tests, pre-shipment inspections and comprehensive training programs. We also mobilise our engineers to perform site installations, commissioning and training. Further services include routine scheduled site calibration of CalBenches, and remote support via desktop sharing on CalBench control centre modules.

Project Management

Project Management

We work with EPC contractors as part of large-scale turnkey projects, to provide necessary data for products, systems and services within our scope of supply.

Documentation and Drawings

Depending on the project we can issue the various documentation required under the contract. These include schedules, general arrangement drawings, diagrams, utilities information, inspection test plans/reports, packing and storage procedures.

Project Services

To ensure successful completion of projects we provide a range of services including FAT, SAT, commissioning, and training on-site or in the UK. We also work with client's third party inspection companies when required.

On-site Services

On-site Services

Installation, Commissioning, Training

A travelling engineer will visit the customer’s facility to install and commission the CalBench, supporting instruments and furniture. Our team can perform site visits worldwide and are qualified to work on offshore platforms, power and processing plants, and refineries. Training is often included with the installation. A qualified CalBench engineer will educate users on how to set up their system, to operate modules, software and additional test instruments.

Calibration and Maintenance

A technician can visit the test facility annually to perform calibration of the CalBench and additional test equipment. This can be scheduled before or after installation and can include additional training if required.

Factory Acceptance Testing & Training in UK

Factory Acceptance Testing & Training in UK

We work with end users and suppliers to provide services based in our UK factory. Pre-shipment inspections are part of many projects, and our training centre provides a welcome environment for educating test technicians and engineers from all countries.  

Factory Acceptance Testing

Factory acceptance testing can be undertaken by the end user or their designated inspection company. A full program is provided to cover the visual and functional checks of the CalBench and associated equipment.

UK Based Training

Customers can visit Time Electronics UK and receive training on their ordered system prior to shipment. We will schedule and arrange all aspects of the visit, including local transport and accommodation. The factory is based in Tonbridge, approximately 30 miles south east of London.

Remote Training and Support

Remote Training and Support

Online EasyCal Training

Using remote desktop sharing we can help customers understand and utilise EasyCal software for calibration work and management. We can provide basic tutorials or troubleshoot specific applications relative to end user requirements.

EasySupport for CalBench

CalBenches that features a control centre modules come supplied with the Time Electronics EasySupport program. This application enables users to communicate directly with the factory, allowing the CalBench technical support team to log in and control the customer’s system remotely.

This is an extremely useful tool for both support and training. The UK based team can run diagnostics and functional checks as required, and help customers resolve software issues. Customers can contact the support team by phone or via the Time Electronics website to schedule sessions.