7016 Regulated Low Pressure Calibrator

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7016 Regulated Low Pressure Calibrator

The 7016 is a fully integrated pressure test and calibration system. It is suitable for field and laboratory calibration work of both regulated low pressure and electrical process loop signals. The instrument is available in pressure or vacuum regulated configuration, with the range specified on ordering. There are five available versions according to required output range, either vacuum, 0.2, 2, 5, or 10 bar. It is an easy to use instrument suitable for calibration and maintenance of pressure gauges, sensors, transmitters, transducers, indicators, switches, and more.

Features include a 4.5 digit LCD display, 4 pressure units plus mA, zeroing switch, and regulator for output control. Basic pressure accuracy is 0.04 % of full scale and line pressure is supplied via an input quick release port fitted on the side of the unit. For process signal calibration the loop signal is displayed on an LCD display to 0.05 % accuracy. Loop power (24 V or 36 V) is also provided. Both pressure and loop signal can be displayed at the same time to speed up the calibration of pressure transmitters. Additionally a continuity function is available for testing for open circuit loops.


  • Regulated low pressure
  • Vacuum to 10 bar versions
  • Accuracy 0.04 % of full scale
  • Pneumatic
  • Isolated 24/36 V loop supply
  • Loop current measure
  • Mains / battery power
  • EasyCal software compatible via RS-232
Portable Pressure Calibrator

Portable Operation

Power is via internal rechargeable cells (24 hours typical use) with a built-in mains charger. The unit can be powered directly from the mains if required.

The 7016 is housed in an impact resistant safety case that provides protection and increased durability. All pressure connections are on the side of the case. The instrument is supplied with a pressure hose, electrical test lead, 2 electrical probes and 2 crocodile clips.

7090 hand pump

Accompanying Products

For the 7016, input pressure can be generated by a compressor for best use of the regulation, or the 7090 pneumatic pump (vacuum to 40 bar) is suitable for field applications. Digital gauges are also available.

For process signal simulation Time Electronics’ handheld 7006 Loop-Mate is available as an option. It provides 4 - 20 mA and 0 - 10 V signals at levels of 0%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 100%. It can also step through these set points automatically to allow hands free calibration. It is battery powered and can be stored in the 7016’s pouch.

EasyCal Calibration Software 

The 7016 can be controlled via Time Electronics EasyCal software to automate the calibration process. This provides increased speed of calibration and consistency of results. 

Produce traceable calibration certificates and test reports for quality standards with additional uncertainty information for ISO 17025 conformance.

EasyCal Calibration Software


Technical Specification
General Specification


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7016 Regulated Low Pressure Calibrator

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