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EasyCal Calibration Software

EasyCal is a complete software package with features covering all aspects of calibration work and management. It is designed to reduce workload, improve efficiency, and provide the essential platform for companies looking to create and sustain an effective calibration program. The comprehensive features simplify the administration process from reminder reports through to despatch. With a familiar and intuitive user interface all operators can quickly learn and navigate through the applications. This allows fast, straightforward implementation and integration of the software.

Communication and Control

EasyCal automates calibration runs by allowing the user to remotely control and communicate with test instruments such as calibrators and multimeters. User friendly features and controls aid the process to decrease calibration times and increase throughput. EasyCal driven calibration can be performed with compatible Time Electronics process instruments including dry block calibrators, temperature baths, digital pressure gauges, pressure controllers, and process calibrators. EasyCal is also utilised on CalBench systems where integrated modules communicate with a central control centre for a unified solution.

For Multiple Industries and Disciplines 

EasyCal is a versatile solution to multi-device calibration with the comprehensive functionality that is required across industries. It is globally used as the principal software in both calibration businesses and companies with on-site test facilities.

EasyCal is also designed for universal testing applications and can cover a wide range of disciplines. Users can calibrate and verify various instruments and devices: electrical and electronic; level, pressure, and flow; temperature and loop; mechanical and dimensional.


  • Automate the calibration process
  • Control TE calibrators and multimeters
  • For use with multiple devices
  • Automated planning and scheduling
  • Produce certificates, reports, cal labels
  • Procedure templates and wizards
  • Calibration due reminder system
  • E-mail reminder letters and lists
  • 1200+ pre-written test procedures included
  • Customise reports and certificates
  • Create PDF reports and certificates (PDF engine)
  • Print and read bar codes
  • HART and Foundation Fieldbus communication
  • Secure user log in and electronic signatures
  • Create uncertainty tables for laboratory & site
  • Network compatible

EasyCal: For the Calibration Process

EasyCal pre-calibration


As a key aspect to improving efficiency, the calibration management features of EasyCal make the planning and organisation of on-site instrumentation calibration simple.

A recall/reminder system informs the user of upcoming jobs, and search functions allow the user to quickly identify a unit for test.

EasyCal calibration


Whether performing automatic calibration runs using a multifunction calibrator or manually testing devices, EasyCal optimises the process by allowing the user to create procedures quickly and easily.

This can be done with the help of the included design wizards and pre-written templates.

EasyCal post-calibration

Post Calibration

Once calibration has been performed the user can generate certificates, reports, and labels. These can be printed, stored, or emailed as PDFs.

EasyCal has a selection of pre-formatted certificate templates suitable for displaying typical calibration results.

Automate the Calibration Process

EasyCal: The Benefits

Achieve compliance with quality standards

  • Automated document control ensures conformity and quality
  • Establish procedures to maintain repeatability and monitor quality
  • Schedule and maintain calibration intervals
  • Evidence of traceability to national standards
  • Record calibration environmental conditions
  • Produce calibration labels, maintain calibration history
  • Reduce possibilities for errors or omissions
  • Electronic record retention ensures integrity for successful

An efficient control and management system

  • Reduce testing times
  • Eliminate continual outsourcing calibration costs
  • Full control over the calibration process
  • Improve turnaround
  • Quick and easy solution to instrument analysis when needed
  • Internal scheduling for calibrations. No external factors
  • Centralised document management
  • On demand networked review of certificates and reports

Applications & Features

Inventory, Reminders, and Jobs
Procedure Writing and Editing
Instrument and Device Calibration
Certificates/Reports/Data Management
Add-Ons and Accessories


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EasyCal Calibration Software

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