Calibration Lab & Workshop Design

Turnkey calibration labs and industrial workshops

Time Electronics provide a turnkey design and supply service for customers requiring an efficient and ergonomic on-site calibration laboratory. Each solution is configured and created virtually, then supplied complete including all specified test instruments, tools, and furniture. CalBenches typically feature as the primary workstations of the room, for the main testing and verification workload and service applications.

The process starts by understanding end user requirements and applications. From this information we will firstly configure the suitable CalBench package including supporting instruments for customer specific needs. Once technical details are finalised we look at the optimal layout for performing the required workload. We consider all aspects, including workflow, types of applications, number of engineers, storage requirements.

Following the consultancy we take the workspace dimensions and the virtual design stage begins. Using custom software we create a detailed overview of the workspace. We generate 3D images to allow the end users to visualise the concept and experience their new working environment. Each facility we design is focused on optimising the calibration process. This is accomplished by a dual approach using hardware and software.

CalBench modules and accompanying test instruments provide the functions to perform calibration, whilst EasyCal calibration software is the controlling platform for all work and management. EasyCal enables operators to schedule workload, organise jobs, maintain instrument and procedure databases, print and store information. It also provides users with the capability to automate calibration work.

Workshops and Laboratories

Workshops and Laboratories

State-of-the-art, premium grade instrument and electrical workshops for industrial plants and facilities. Design layouts are fully customised to end user requirements and incorporate high performance CalBenches for calibration, testing, R&M and other applications.

  • Instrument and electrical workshops for industrial plants
  • CalBenches provide the focal point for test and measurement
  • Turnkey design to optimise workflow and streamline applications
  • Heavy duty solutions and workshop furniture, built to last
  • Fully customisable based on end user requirements
  • Incorporate task specific furniture, tools and machinery
  • Smart storage solutions for tools and equipment
  • Versatile and flexible for various applications
  • Installation, commissioning and training available
Classrooms and Training Institutes

Classrooms and Training Institutes

Time Electronics work with educational institutes worldwide to provide multi purpose calibration benches and classrooms for engineer training. CalBenches are the optimal solution for teaching environments where students can learn about calibration methods and principles.

  • Design and supply of classrooms for engineer training
  • Integration of technical and educational solutions
  • Multi CalBench layouts, custom consoles and work benches
  • CalBenches for process training, electrical engineering & more
  • Teach the practicals and principles of calibration
  • Teach the importance of calibration, quality control & management
  • Teach the processes involved in both lab and field calibration
  • CalBench modules provide a simple user interface, with easy to use controls and functions

Calibration Vans

Mobile Calibration Solutions

We provide innovative solutions for mobile calibration. The concept is a turnkey approach that enables users to perform on-site calibration services in a fully equipped mobile lab with automated calibration systems. The interior of each vehicle is designed as a comprehensive workspace, utilising custom built consoles, accompanying instruments and smart storage units.

  • Mobile calibration in vans & expanding trailers
  • Complete design and supply of vehicles available
  • Full in-vehicle calibration capabilities
  • Custom consoles for van fitting with reinforcement features
  • Expanding trailers with multiple calibration stations
  • Vehicles can be equipped with professional storage solutions