CalBench Benefits

Customised, Organised, Versatile

CalBenches provide an ergonomic platform for a comprehensive calibration program. They are designed for flexibility and wide workload. The modules deliver precision and performance for their dedicated use, and accompanying products complete the package to ensure coverage of all end user applications.

  • Fully customised solution for end user requirements
  • Wide selection of modules and extras to choose from
  • Instant organisation of master instruments as modules
  • Creates a compact working environment
  • Calibrate and maintain a wide range of instruments and devices
  • High performance system offering versatility and precision
  • Automated calibration and testing

Where CalBenches are Used

For Industries Worldwide

CalBenches are commonly used in various industries and locations worldwide. They are ideal solutions for on-site facilities that perform routine calibration and testing of instrumentation, devices and test tools.

Common Industries
  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Utilities
  • Mining, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, R&D
  • Shipping, Aviation, Automotive, Education

Typical Sites
  • Processing Plants, Offshore Platforms, Refineries, Power Plants
  • Factories, E&I Workshops, Shipyards, Aviation Labs
  • Training Centres, School & Universities, Calibration Labs

CalBench: The complete solution

A Comprehensive Solution

CalBench utilises the modules for the main calibration & testing workload. Accompanying products are used to supplement applications or perform specific tasks. Software compatibility of both modules and external test instruments ensures a unified system for automated calibration.

  • Process calibrators, electrical calibrators, digital multimeters
  • Pressure controllers, digital gauges, regulated outputs
  • Power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, counters

Accompanying Products
  • Dry block calibrators, scanners, portable calibrators
  • Pressure pumps, digital gauges, test stands, adaptor kits
  • Solder stations, tools, storage solutions, workshop furniture