The CBP-PRES2 is a pressure calibration workstation that enables users to efficiently calibrate instrumentation like transmitters and gauges. It is an advanced system suitable for instrument workshops performing internal calibration and commissioning.

The CalBench features an 8030B auto-pneumatic controller module for calibration work from vacuum to 40 bar (600 psi). The line pressure and vacuum to this module is via the 7149 and 7165 electric pumps, meaning no need for an external supply. For higher range pneumatic work, a 100 bar (1500 psi) regulated module with digital gauge provides a practical calibration method with high accuracy reference. Line pressure to this module is typically via a compressed air or N2 cylinder. A custom regulator kit is included, for fitting to the cylinder at site, with all necessary connections to the CalBench.

Additional pressure calibration can be performed using high accuracy measurement modules for pneumatic and hydraulic applications. These are commonly utilised with the supplied benchtop pumps that feature dual outputs to connect both the module and UUT. Manifolds, test stand, adaptors and fittings are also provided.

The 8060+ module situates centrally in the console, providing source, simulation and measurement of process signals, HART communication and 24 V loop power. It features an integral multimeter, and a PC control centre with 12.1” touch screen display. Pressure control and readback applications are included. EasyCal software communicates with pressure modules, and can be used for automated calibration and test management.


  • Automated pressure calibration test bench
  • 40 bar pneumatic controller module
  • 100 bar regulated module with digital gauge
  • Precision indicator modules to 700 bar
  • Line pressure & vacuum pumps included
  • Process calibrator/multimeter/PC module
  • Fixed & variable DC power supply modules
  • Regulator kit for cylinder fitting supplied
  • Pumps, manifolds, fittings, UUT stand
  • Environmental monitor/datalogger included
  • Automated calibration using EasyCal software
  • Customisable pressure ranges (pre-order)
Pressure Calibration

Pressure Calibration

An precision automatic controller module is used for pneumatic calibration from vacuum to 40 bar (600 psi). A regulated gauge module to 100 bar (1500 psi) also features, and a selection of measurement modules provide range coverage to 700 bar (10k psi). Pneumatic and hydraulic pumps are supplied. Calibrate pressure instrumentation such as:

  • Analogue and digital gauges, indicators, manometers
  • Calibrators, sensors, transducers, transmitters
  • Switches, valves, controllers, chart recorders
Line Pressure Solutions

Line Pressure Solutions

The package includes two electric pumps and a regulator kit for use with a pressure cylinder. The pumps make the 8030B self-sufficient from vacuum to 40 bar (600 psi), meaning quick setup and easy maintenance.

  • 7165 electric pump: 45 bar (650 psi) to 8030B module
  • 7149 electric vacuum pump: Vacuum to 8030B module
  • XREG regulator kit: Used on a cylinder, 110 bar to RMTEG module
  • Manual operation pneumatic & hydraulic pumps also included

Additional Applications

Additional Applications

The CBP-PRES2 is a primarily a pressure calibration system, but can also be used to check and verify functions on process instruments. It is also ideal for training to show a wide range of test and measurement applications.

  • Test process calibrators, mV/mA meters, decade boxes, flow totalizers
  • Add dry block calibrators for temperature calibration capabilities
  • Train engineers & technicians instrumentation calibration
  • Run a complete calibration program with EasyCal software

EasyCal Calibration Software

The CBP-PRES2 comes with EasyCal software on the 8060 control centre. This enables software driven testing procedures and provides increased speed of calibration and consistency of results.

Produce traceable calibration certificates and test reports for quality standards with additional uncertainty information for ISO 17025 conformance.

EasyCal Calibration Software


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