The CBP-ELEC3 is a package featuring a CalBench with modules and extras for common electrical and electronic service and testing applications. It includes the 5025E benchtop multifunction calibrator that provides a solution for end users to perform calibration of engineer test tools like multimeters and clamp meters. EasyCal calibration software runs on the supplied PC workstation, enabling users to automate and manage the calibration process. Peripherals are supplied, including a printers and a bar code reader.

This package creates a highly organised workspace with modules such as variable AC and DC power supplies, an oscilloscope, function generator and digital multimeter. This module selection provides engineers with a range of features and functions to perform service work where signal generation and analysis is required. The benchtop instruments add further calibration capabilities.

Additionally a soldering station module allows users to perform repairs of devices and work on electrical components. Accessories include a 6 piece tip set, magnifying lamp and circuit board holder. An antistatic workstation kit is supplied, featuring matting to cover the worktop, bonding plugs, wrist strap and leads. For storage the bench is fitted with a 3 drawer unit, and the perforated panel has a selection of quick access storage fittings. These include tool hooks and holders, shelf and plastic bins.


  • CalBench for calibration and R&M work
  • Oscilloscope and digital multimeter modules
  • Variable AC and DC power supply modules
  • Function generator with counter module
  • Benchtop electrical multifunction calibrator
  • PC workstation running EasyCal software
  • Soldering station module with accessories
  • Magnifying lamp and circuit board holder
  • Antistatic workstation kit with matting
  • Suitable for E&I workshops, test and calibration labs
Calibration Capabilities

Calibration Capabilities

The CBP-ELEC3 has a combination of modules and benchtop calibration instruments to enable users to test and verify a wide range of test tools and instrumentation including:

  • Multimeters, signal sources, clamp meters, data loggers
  • Power meters, watt meters, decade boxes, power supplies
  • Insulation testers, megohmmeters, optical tachometers
  • Transmitters, RTDs, thermocouples (electrical simulation & measurement)

Service and Repair Applications

Service and Repair Applications

The CBP-ELEC3 has modules and extras suitable for electrical and electronic diagnostics and repair work. The oscilloscope module is suitable for signal analysis and variable AC and DC power supplies can be used for testing and checking electronic equipment and components. 

In addition the package includes a high performance solder station module, magnifying lamp, circuit board holder and ESD kit with matting. This equipment is used on the bench for service applications commonly required in test facilities performing calibration work.

EasyCal Calibration Software

The CBP-ELEC3 comes with EasyCal software on the CBPC workstation computer. This enables software driven testing procedures and provides increased speed of calibration and consistency of results.

Produce traceable calibration certificates and test reports for quality standards with additional uncertainty information for ISO 17025 conformance.

EasyCal Calibration Software


Bench Type and Fittings
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