The CBP-RM1 is a package featuring a multi-purpose CalBench with various extras for common repair and maintenance applications. It is an excellent system for electrical workshops that need a solution to fast and efficient instrument and device diagnostics.

This package creates a highly organised workspace with familiar test and measurement instruments integrated into the console of the CalBench. Modules include variable AC and DC power supplies, an oscilloscope, function generator and digital multimeter. This module selection provides engineers with a range of features and functions to perform service work where signal generation and analysis is required.

Additionally a soldering/de-soldering/re-work station module allows users to perform repairs of devices and work on electrical components. Accessories that complement the module include a fume extractor, magnifying lamp and circuit board holder. The package includes a PC that situates under the bench. The accompanying touch screen monitor mounts to a retractable arm that fixes to the perfo panel.


  • CalBench for R&M, diagnostics, fault finding
  • Oscilloscope and digital multimeter modules
  • Variable AC and DC power supply modules
  • Function generator with counter module
  • Solder & re-work module with accessories
  • PC under bench with mounted monitor
  • Extras included ESD mat, electronics tool kit
  • Suitable for E&I workshops in process and power plants


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CBP-RM1 CalBench Package

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