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1007 DC Millivolt Potentiometer & Calibrator

1007 DC Millivolt Potentiometer & Calibrator
  • 1007 DC Millivolt Potentiometer & Calibrator


  • 3 ranges up to 1V
  • 0.02% accuracy
  • 20mA output current
  • Short circuit/overload protection
  • LED null measuring facility
  • 100 hours typical battery life
  • Portable with protective cover

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  • The 1007 is a handheld calibrator that can be used for potentiometric voltage measurement in addition to its operation as a millivolt source. 
    The null zero and sensitivity are adjustable via front panel controls. Maximum sensitivity enables null balance to resolve 3 microvolt.

    Three output ranges are provided to give adjustable output values from 1μV to 1V with a basic 0.02% accuracy. For signal injection, the operator needs to switch on, check the battery condition, select the range, and set the required voltage using the thumbwheel switches. The 1007 uses a precision reference diode and low temperature coefficient resistors to give a highly stable output.

    Power is provided by 6 AA batteries. Battery life is several months, depending on usage. The battery condition is monitored by an indicator mounted on the top of the unit. The 1007 has up to 20mA drive current and is short circuit and overload protected. An off/normal/reverse output polarity switch is provided.

    Safety Terminals
    Fitted as standard and fully compatible with 4mm shrouded plugs, as well as standard plugs, bare wires, and spade terminals.

    Added Protection
    The 1007 comes fitted with an ergonomic rubber cover providing increased protection and durability. It has a textured grip for comfortable handling and openings at the top and bottom to allow access to the battery meter and a position to place labels if required. It is easy to remove if the user prefers a stand-alone unit or to house the 1007 in the 9027 carry case.

    Suitable for calibration and simulation of thermocouples. Accurate voltages equivalent to the output from a thermocouple can easily be set on the 1007, enabling fast calibration of temperature measuring equipment.

    Alternatively, the 1007 can measure thermocouples output by operating as a potentiometer. Other applications include chart recorder calibration, A/D converter and DMM calibration, and use as a stable voltage for backing off DC offsets.

    The 1007 is an easy to use test instrument designed for accuracy and reliability. As part of the Time Electronics portable calibration equipment range it is ideal for use in the lab or field.

  • Technical Specifications


    0 to 999.9mV in 3 ranges:
    0 to 999.9mV in 0.1mV steps
    0 to 99.99mV in 10μV steps
    0 to 9.999mV in 1μV steps


    ± 0.02% of setting + ± 0.02% of range + ± 1µV.

    Output Resistance

    Less than 0.2Ω on 1 V and 100 mV ranges. 1Ω on 10mV range.

    Maximum Output Current

    1V and 100mV ranges = 20mA. 10mV range = Up to short circuit value although it should be noted that loads of less than 1kΩ will give greater than 0.1% error.

    Output Voltage Stability

    Less than 60ppm/°C.  Less than 100ppm per 3 months (non-cumulative).

    Output Polarity

    Positive or negative switch selected.  A centre ‘off’ position is also provided.

    Output Noise Level

    Less than 30ppm of full scale

    Reference Source

    Precision zener diode, selected for stability and low temperature coefficient.

    Maximum Overload

    The instrument can withstand continuous short circuit on the output for all ranges.

    Null Balance Display

    On a front panel meter, zero and sensitivity controls are provided:
    Maximum sensitivity: ± 20μV f.s.d. (3μV resolution).
    Minimum sensitivity: ± 200mV f.s.d.
    Input resistance: Greater than 1MΩ.

    Power Supply

    6-AA size (51x14mm) batteries. A battery condition display indicates when the batteries should be changed. An alternative power source is 6 NiMH cells of the same dimensions. These can be recharged via a socket on the top of the unit. The 6 rechargeable batteries and mains recharger are available as an optional extra.


    General Specifications

    Operating Temperature

    -10°C to +60°C


    H200 x W75 x D110mm (H215 x W100 x D120mm including protective cover)


    0.75kg (1.2kg including protective cover)

    Supplied With Protective cover (fitted), 6 x AA batteries (installed), and user manual

    Optional Extras

    Carry case, rechargeable battery pack (240V or 110V mains), and calibration certificates traceable to NPL and UKAS

  • Models


    DC Millivolt Potentiometer and Source



    Leatherette Carry Case


    Rechargeable Battery Pack - (6 NiMH Cells + 230V Mains Charger)

    9528 Rechargeable Battery Pack (8 NiMH Cells + 110V Mains Charger)


    Factory Calibration Certificate (NPL traceable)


    UKAS Calibration Certificate (ISO 17025)

    Also available: 1006 DC Millivolt Source

  • PDF Downloads
    File Name File Size Language

    1007 Data Sheet



    1006 & 1007 User Manual



    Carry Case Option Data Sheet 726kB EN
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    1007 DC Millivolt Potentiometer & Calibrator

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