5070 Micro-Ohmmeter Calibrator

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5070 Micro-Ohmmeter Calibrator

The 5070 is a transportable instrument suitable for calibrating high current ductor testers and micro-ohmmeters. It incorporates 5 sets of high current standard resistors that are used to enable precision calibration.

The unit has full 4 terminal capabilities with extra large terminals for the current connection. Gold plated terminals are used throughout to reduce contact resistance and thermal EMFs. 

It has a substantial maximum continuous current rating, but can also be used with much higher transient/pulse test currents. The internal resistance standards are all high quality manganin types with good long term stability and temperature coefficients.

Rugged and portable, the 5070 is ideal for site calibration work, housed in a safety yellow field case with carry handle.


  • Calibrate ductor testers
  • Calibrate micro-ohmmeters
  • 0.2, 2, 20, 200, 2000 mΩ
  • 5 cal points: 0/25/50/75/100 %
  • Gold plated terminals
  • Low thermal EMF connection
  • Portable robust carrying case
5070 Connections

Simple Connection and Operation

The 5070 front panel is segmented to clearly indicate the ranges, ratings and connections for testing work. The high quality gold plated terminals are suitable for 4 mm plug insertion on screw compression connectors.

For current connection, large 25 mm diameter terminals are provided. The outer ring can be completely removed for clamp connections.

5070 Safety Case

Robust and Durable

The 5070 can be utilised in the lab, workshop, or mobilised as a field calibrator. The safety casing protects the internal componentry and also makes the instrument easy to store when not in use.

This type of housing provides an optimal solution for high current testing work. It is similar to the designs of many micro-ohmmeters that have very high output power capabilities.


Technical Specification
General Specification


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5070 Micro-Ohmmeter Calibrator Data Sheet

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5070 Micro-Ohmmeter Calibrator

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