1024 DC Current Calibrator

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1024 DC Current Calibrator

A precision DC current source for calibration and test applications from nanoamp levels to 100 mA. The 1024 is a solid state battery powered instrument which is easily portable and convenient for laboratory, field, or industrial use. It incorporates many of the well-proven circuit techniques of the Time Electronics 1010 DC voltage calibrator. 

The null balance system enables the 1024 to be used for making accurate current measurement in addition to its basic function as a calibrator. Operation is by backing the current source output against the current to be measured, with the difference being displayed on a sensitive centre zone null meter. At the null point, there is no voltage drop across the 1024. 

Stability and Temperature Coefficient: The 1024 employs a precision aged reference diode as a basic reference source. Excellent zero stability is ensured by the use of a high performance FET chopper amplifier system. Precision metal film resistors with temperature coefficients of less than 10 ppm per °C are used to maintain the accuracy and stability of the initial calibration.


  • 0 to 100 mA output in 5 ranges
  • Accuracy 0.02%
  • 10 ppm/hr stability
  • Up to 15 V output drive
  • Null measuring facility
  • Safety terminals
  • Battery or mains operation
  • Optional carry case
Safety Terminals

Safety Terminals

The calibrator connections are via safety terminals that are compatible with standard plugs, 4 mm shrouded plugs, bare wires, and spade terminals.

These terminals are specifically designed with safety features including limited opening distance and a raised flange around the metal connection surface. This ensures that the clearances are sufficient to make the exposed metal parts touch-proof.

Safety Terminals

Portable Operation

The 1024 can be powered from mains supply or by the internal rechargeable battery pack. When the calibrator is plugged into the mains supply the internal batteries will automatically start to recharge.

If unplugged from the mains during operation the internal batteries will continue to power the instrument. Full charge allows 12 hours typical use. An LED indicator on the front panel displays the battery condition.

1024 Applications

The 1024 can be used for calibration and testing of current sensitive transducers and their associated indicating and recording devices. Perform verification and linearity tests on digital and electronic current meters.

The 1024 covers many applications in a variety of semiconductor measurements including forward voltage drops, zener diode characteristics and temperature coefficients, transistor gains (hFE) and saturation voltages. 


Technical Specification
General Specification


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1024 DC Current Calibrator Data Sheet

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1024 DC Current Calibrator

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