1077 Milliamp Transducer Simulator

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1077 milliamp transducer simulator

A multi-purpose handheld test instrument that can be used as an adjustable current load, adjustable power supply, or precision current source. The 1077 is commonly used for the testing and simulation of milliamp transducer systems.

Compact and rugged design make the 1077 ideal for use in both the lab and field, with protective rubber cover to increase durability. The instrument is built to withstand arduous use, meaning it is well suited to process control applications.

Rechargeable batteries and mains charger are supplied with the unit as standard. Complete recharge time is 10 to 12 hours although sufficient charge for a few hours operation can be obtained with only 30 minutes charge. Full charge allows 10 hours typical use. The battery level is monitored by an indicator on the top of the 1077.


  • 3 operating modes
  • 100 mA source and load
  • 24 V line mode
  • Accuracy 0.02 %
  • Safety terminals
  • Battery level indicator
  • Supplied with protective cover
1077 Safety Terminals

Safety Terminals

The instrument connections are via safety terminals that are compatible with standard plugs, 4 mm shrouded plugs, bare wires, and spade terminals.

These terminals are specifically designed with safety features including limited opening distance and a raised flange around the metal connection surface. This ensures that the clearances are sufficient to make the exposed metal parts touch-proof.

1077 Protective Rubber Boot

Added Protection

The 1077 comes fitted with an ergonomic rubber cover providing increased protection and durability. It has a textured grip for comfortable handling and side openings to place labels.

It is easy to remove if the user prefers a stand-alone unit or to house the 1077 in the optional 9027 carry case.

1077 Modes of Operation

As an adjustable current load (simulating the transducer) on the line, the 1077 will draw up to 100 mA. The required current is set by the front panel controls.

Used as an adjustable power supply (14 V to 40 V), the 1077 provides accurate measurement and display of the current drawn from the circuit.

Utilise the 1077 as a precision current source with 14 V to 40 V maximum (adjustable) drive capacity. It will source the set current up to 100 mA to the loop.

The rugged design and portability make the unit suitable for field calibration of process loop devices. It is also commonly used for instrumentation engineering training.


Technical Specification
General Specification


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1077 Milliamp Transducer Simulator Data Sheet

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1077 Milliamp Transducer Simulator User Manual

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1077 Milliamp Transducer Simulator

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