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7078 Auto-Ranging Digital Pressure Gauge

7078 Auto-Ranging Digital Pressure Gauge
  • 7078 Auto-ranging digital pressure gauge


  • Vacuum to 200bar (3000psi)
  • Accuracy 0.1% of reading
  • 9 engineering units
  • Silicone piezo resistive sensors
  • Reads gauge & absolute pressure
  • Easy to read backlit display
  • Robust with protective rubber boot

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  • A high performance digital pressure gauge that has the ability to auto-range and maintain a 0.1% of reading accuracy from vacuum to 200bar. The 7078 eliminates the need for multiple gauges to span many different ranges, solving the problem of over ranging errors. Both users and companies benefit by replacing several gauges with the 7078, with less maintenance and calibration required, saving both downtime and excessive costs.

    In addition to precision the 7078 is designed for arduous use with shock proof componentry and an integrated rubber casing for increased durability. This makes the gauge ideal for laboratory and field calibration work. To complement the gauge Time Electronics offer a range of pressure pumps. These include the 7090 and 7095 hand pumps, and the 7194 benchtop pneumatic pump. The 7078 can also be used with pressure calibrators. 

  • Technical Specifications

    Range Vacuum to 200bar (3000psi) auto-ranging
    Accuracy 0.1% of reading
    Pressure Units psi, kPa, mmHg, inHg, inH20, mmH20, kg/cm², BarAbsolute, psiAbsolute, mBarAbsolute, mmHgAbsolute, Bar, mBar
    Sensors Multiple piezo resistive sensors
    Pressure Reading Capability Gauge and absolute pressure

    General Specifications

    Protection Rugged, shock-proof design (protective rubber housing as standard). Setback thread protects the port from damage in the event the unit is dropped


    Easy to read backlit mono display with full 1 line alphanumerics

    Process Connection ¼” NPT Male
    Power Powered by 3 AA batteries with 500 hours of rated battery life
    Dimensions H165 x W115 x D55mm
    Weight 0.88kg
  • Models


    Auto-Ranging Digital Pressure Gauge (Vacuum to 200bar)



    Factory Calibration Certificate (NPL traceable)


    UKAS Calibration Certificate (ISO 17025)


    Benchtop Pneumatic Pump (0.95bar vacuum to 100bar)


    Hydraulic Calibration Hand Pump (0 to 700bar)

  • PDF Downloads
    File Name File Size Language

    7078 Data Sheet



    7194 Pneumatic Benchtop Pump Data Sheet



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    7078 Auto-Ranging Digital Pressure Gauge

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