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Calibration Equipment for Dimensional Applications

Time Electronics have a selection of instruments and kits for various calibration applications. These 7151 kit for dimensional calibration of verniers, calipers, micrometers, and depth gauges. It contains gauge blocks, granite surface plate, block holder, cylindrical jaws, and optical flats.

We also have a selection of products for torque, weight and mass calibration, available upon request.

7151 Vernier and Micrometer Calibration Kit

7151 Vernier and Micrometer Calibration Kit

  • Calibrate calipers, micrometers
  • Calibrate verniers, depth gauges
  • 47 piece grade 1 block set
  • 200 mm block holder
  • Cylindrical jaws
  • 4 optical flats
  • Compact granite surface plate
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