In 2013 Time Electroncs released the 5025E and 5025C multifunction calibrators, superseding the standard 5025 model.

Multi Instrument Calibration

The 5025 series are high performance multi-product calibrators that provide the foundation for cost-effective calibration. Built for versatility and simplicity each model offers a solution to efficient calibration of a wide range of test and measurement equipment. The 5025E is an entry level calibrator that is ideal for companies requiring fast implemention and immediate return on investment. The 5025C is a superior specification model that delivers superb accuracy over wide conditions with excellent capabilities. Both models are built for wide workload calibration, combining functionality with features for ease of use. For calibration professionals on a budget the 5025 series cover a comprehensive range of applications at an affordable price.

Functionality and Enhancements

Each model features over 11 standard functions. These include AC/DC voltage and current, digital frequency, decade and simulated variable resistance, capacitance, conductance, PT100 and thermocouple simulation. Internal options can be fitted for power and oscilloscope calibration. External adaptors are available for clamp meter calibration, optical tachometer calibration and more.Both calibrators can be fitted with enhanced performance packs. These provide full range variable resistance, extended temperature functions, extended capacitance and increased ACV frequency bandwidth. On the 5025C inductance and additional precision high DCV ranges are included to cover the requirements for high specification multimeters.

5025 Series at a Glance


  • 0 to 1050V AC/DC voltage
  • 0 to 22A AC/DC current
  • Up to 1GΩ decade resistance
  • Simulated variable resistance to 40MΩ (40kΩ on 5025E)
  • Optional full range variable resistance to 120MΩ
  • Thermocouple simulation
  • Conductance
  • Digital frequency
  • PT100 simulation
  • Capacitance and optional inductance on 5025C
  • Optional oscilloscope calibration
  • Optional power calibration
  • Adaptor for clamp meter calibration

About the 5025 Series 

  • 5025E: 40ppm entry level calibrator  - Calibrate up to 4.5 digit multimeters
  • 5025C: 15ppm precison laboratory calibrator - Calibrate up to 6.5 digit multimeters
  • Wide workload at an affordable price for fast ROI
  • Ready for use – Quick and easy implementation
  • Simple front panel operation or PC virtual control
  • EasyCal software for automated calibration
  • RS-232 and USB interfaces (GPIB on 5025C)
  • Adaptors for clamp meters, tachometers and more
  • Options to add functions and performance enhancement
  • Options can be retro-fitted to expand capabilities when required, or when budget allows
  • Easy transportation with optional hard and soft carry cases

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