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Manufacturing precision test and measurement instruments for industries worldwide since 1967

Manufacturing precision test and measurement instruments for industries worldwide since 1967

  • Company Profile

    2017 is Time Electronics 50th year in business

    Established in 1967 Time Electronics Ltd is an UK based company that designs and manufactures calibration and metrology instruments. Our comprehensive range of products provides users with solutions for test and measurement applications within their respective industries. Models include decade boxes, electrical calibrators, digital multimeters, process calibrators, pressure testing instruments and calibration software. In addition we manufacture customised multifunction test benches, and design and supply turnkey calibration labs, electrical and instrument workshops, and engineer training centres.

    During our 50 years of continuous development we have used innovative engineering to develop performance products for automated calibration applications. Our software driven solutions enable users to manage, automate, and optimise the calibration process. They increase efficiency and productivity, reduce testing times and provide customers with the features and capabilities to achieve compliance with quality standards.

    Quality is an integral part of our company philosophy. In addition to building accurate and durable test instruments we provide extensive technical support. We focus on establishing strong business relationships based on customer satisfaction and commitment to providing quality products and services. This has given us a valuable reputation with organisations worldwide, and is one reason for our continued success in international markets. We have a global distribution network and are represented by companies with strong technical capabilities and skilled engineers. Time Electronics Ltd is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 (view certificate here).

  • Our Products

    As an industry-leading manufacturer of calibration and test equipment we place emphasis on accuracy in product design. With this we are able to provide instruments with the highest performance and reliability.

    Our continuous development allows us to create products for new applications as well as improving our current range. Instruments include:

    • Portable voltage and current calibrators, simulators, and sources for lab or field use.

    • Resistance, inductance, and capacitance decade boxes for industry and education.

    • Wide workload multifunction calibrators covering various instruments and devices. 

    • Process and pressure calibrators, test pumps and gauges for site calibration work.

    • Precision benchtop digital multimeters for measuring different parameters across applications. 

    • Programmable calibrators and sources for incorporation in automated test systems.

    • Electrical test calibrators for RCD, loop, insulation, earth testers and multifunction installation testers.

    • Calibration software to automate and optimise the calibration process.

    • Multi-purpose calibration benches for on-site test facilities, training centres and labs.

    • Turnkey calibration laboratories (design and supply) for testing and calibration of various instruments and devices.

  • Industries

    Time Electronics supplies various industries worldwide with precision test and measurement equipment.

    • Aerospace
    • Power Generation 
    • Transport 
    • Refineries 
    •  Petrochemical 
    • Manufacturing 
    • Chemical  
    • Military / Defense  
    • Pharmaceuticals 
    • Nuclear 
    • Aeronautics 
    • Shipping 
    • Telecommunications 
    • Automotive  
    • Metrology 
    • Education 
    • Medical 
    • Research / Development 
    • Process Control 
    • Automation 
  • Customers

    With a broad range of products for use across industries Time Electronics provides customers with precision calibration instruments and continued support. Some of our well known customers include:

    ABB  /  Ametek  /  Agilent  /  Arnold Clark  /  Aker Kvaerner  /  Aughton Hire  /  BAE  /  BP  /  British Gas  /  BNFL
    Dolby Technologies  /  Eurotherm  /  Epson  /  Ferranti  /  Ford Motor Co.  /  Hawker Siddeley Power  /  HP 
    L Goldstar  /  Lockhead  /  Magnox Electric  /  Marconi  /  Martin Baker Aerospace  /  Messier Bugaty  /  Mars
    National Physical Labs  UK, India  /  National Grid UK  /  Network Rail  /  Nottingham University  /  Panasonic
    Plessey Aerospace  /  Preset Calibration Services  /  PTT Thailand  /  Petrorabigh KSA  /  Raytheon /  Royal Navy 
    Royal Air Force  /  Royal Navy  /  Rolls Royce Plc  /  Sabic  /  Samsung  /  Schlumberger  /  Scottish Nuclear
    Shell  /  Siemans Plc  /  Sony Technology  /  Sunoco Oil  /  Yukos Oil  /  Williams Formula 1