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7170 Harmonics Analyser Module
  • 7170 Images
  • 7171 Low Distortion Source Module


  • Measures power, V, I,  phase angle
  • Tabular/histogram of 40 harmonics
  • Voltage/current waveforms displays
  • Different socket types available
  • 320 x 240 pixel high-contrast display
  • USB, RS232, & printer interfaces
  • PC control/documentation software

7170 Images

  • The 7170 is a fast, easy to use mains and harmonics analyser with a large and high resolution graphical display, capable of continuous real-time analysis. It is intended primarily as a dedicated harmonics and flicker analyser for compliance quality measurements, but it can also be used as a general purpose mains analyser.

    The unit is available with range of power connectors to suit different national standards. A printer interface is included for record keeping and archiving, along with both RS-232 and USB interfaces for PC connectivity.

    A Windows based sofware is supplied with the module which assists users in taking routine compliance measurements and archiving the results. It can communicate with the instrument through either an RS-232 or a USB connection.

    7171 Low Distortion 1kW Power Source Module
    To complement the 7170 a low distortion 1kW AC power source module (7171) can be fitted in the CalBench. The 7171 is an innovative, low cost, pure power source designed specifically for use with a harmonics analyser such as the 7170. It permits compliance quality measurements to EN61000–3–2 in situations where the quality of the AC supply is poor or variable.

  • Technical Specifications

    Mains Analyser
    Measurement Circuit Single Phase with standard mains connector.
    Current Rating 16A rms continuous, or national connector rating if lower.
    Voltage Ranges 115V (±200V pk) 230V (±400V pk).
    Current Ranges ±24mA pk to ±400A pk in fifteen 2:1 ranges.
    Frequency Range 45 - 66 Hz.
    Shunt Resistance 3mOhms.
    Sampling Rate 300 points per cycle.
    Basic Accuracy <0.2% ±1mA, up to 16A.
    Measured Parameters Vrms, Vpk, Arms, Apk, Crest factors, THD, W, VA, Power factor, Frequency, Inrush current.
    Monitor Outputs Re-constructed Voltage and Current Signals.
    Harmonics Analyser


    1st harmonic to 40th harmonic. Measurement processing for both 1995 and 2000 Editions of EN61000-3-2. Continuous calculation, analysis and assessment of unfiltered, filtered, average, minimum and maximum current harmonic levels and limits. Continuous measurement and assessment of supply waveform and harmonics. 

    Current Rating 16A rms continuous, or national connector rating if lower.
    Voltage Ranges 115V (±200V pk) 230V (±400V pk).
    Current Ranges ±24mA pk to ±400A pk in fifteen 2:1 ranges.
    Frequency Range 45 - 66 Hz.
    Shunt Resistance 3mOhms.
    Transforms Window Continuous 4, 10, 12 or 16 cycle Discrete Fourier Transforms.
    Basic Accuracy Better than 5% of limit or 0.2% of selected range whichever is the greater.
    Display Modes Display of load supply assessment for voltage, harmonics, crest limits and frequency against requirements of EN61000-3-2. Histogram or tabular display of supply voltage harmonics. Histogram display of current harmonics with limits, Min. hold, Max. hold & percentage of limit display options. Tabular display of current harmonics showing present values, limits, average values, average as percent of limit, maximum values, maximum as percent of limit and pass or fail assessment for each harmonic.
    Test Control Untimed, manually timed or automatically timed tests; user-defined test time. Limits automatically determined from EN61000-3-2 for appropriate class; Class C and Class D limits can be automatically calculated from power measurements or from ratings declared by the user. Minimum and maximum power thresholds for limits can be changed by the user. Facility for declaring supply voltages other than 230V and deriving appropriate limits. Facility for insetting test limits.
    Report Printing Direct printer connection for hard-copy report with user-entered narrative, supply voltage assessment and current harmonic analysis and assessment.
    Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker Measurement
    Measurement Voltage fluctuations dmax, dc, d(t) and flicker Pst and Plt to EN61000-3-3 and EN61000-4-5.
    Current Rating 16A rms continuous, or national connector rating if lower.
    Voltage Ranges 115V (±200V pk) 230V (±400V pk).
    Fluctuation Range 25% max. (relative to nominal voltage)

    Flickermeter Range

    Voltage change up to 20% (sinewave change) or 10% (low repetition rate rectangular change) relative to AGC level. Equivalent to 6400 pu on 8.8 Hz sinewave. 

    Flickermeter AGC Up to ± 5%.
    Flickermeter Accuracy Better than 5% for Pst range 0.7 to 10.0.
    Frequency Range 50 or 60 Hz (operates over 43 – 67 Hz).
    Report Printing Tabular listing of voltage variations, Pst classifier and Pst in each Plt interval.
    7171 Low Distortion Power Source Side Module: Specifications
    Input Voltage Factory set to 230V, 115V or 100V; 50Hz or 60Hz. Installation Category II.
    Supply Tolerances 230V setting : 198V – 253V, 115V setting: 99V – 127V, 100V setting: 90V – 110V. 50Hz setting: ± 0.5Hz, 60Hz setting: ± 0.6Hz
    Output Voltage Tracks the amplitude of the fundamental of the input voltage. A variable voltage input may be used to adjust the output voltage to within the limits specified by EN61000–3–2.
    Output Distortion Dependent on the purity of the input but will generally meet the requirements of EN61000–3–2.
    Output Current Maximum continuous output current is 4.4A.
    Output Power Maximum output power is input voltage x 4.4 VA
    Input Connection IEC connector; front panel switch.
    Output Connection U.K., Schuko, or other national outlet sockets. Load power switch can be set to DIRECT or CORRECTED for ‘A–B’ comparisons.
    Protection Thermal trip automatically diverts load to a DIRECT connection in the event of thermal overload.

    General Specifications

    Display 320 x 240 pixel backlit LCD.
    Interfaces Parallel Printer, RS-232, USB.
    Module Width 400mm (800mm when 7170 and 7171 ordered together), primary console fitting only
    Safety Complies with EN61010-1
    EMC Compliance Complies with EN61326-1

    Ordering Information

    7170 Mains and Harmonics Analyser Module

    7171 Low Distortion 1kW Power Source Module

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