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7075 Fixed 110V DC Power Module

  • The 7075 provides an isolated DC supply. Output is pre-specified between 96 and 144 volts with a current capacity up to 7.5 amps. Output voltage and current are monitored on two analogue moving coil meters, access is from two 4mm shrouded sockets.

    A dedicated power switch enables the supply to be controlled independently from the rest of the console and the power indicator shows when mains power is being applied to the switch.

    If the current exceeds the preset level, the supply will revert to constant current mode, reducing the voltage to limit the power to 800 watts. To avoid arking it is important to connect the test load before switching on and to switch off before removing the load.

  • Specifications

    Output Voltage

    Preset to 110V DC ±1.5% (96V to 144V)

    Output Current 7.5A max (limit to 800 watts)
    Line Regulation ±0.1%

    Load Regulation


    Output Accuracy ±1.5% of reading
    Output Ripple (> 50Hz) < 50mV RMS
    Hold Up Time > 5ms
    Over Current Protection Above about 7.5 A reverts to constant current mode.
    Meters DC moving coil meters to standard DIN specification, 90° scale arc. Manufactured to BS89/IEC51
    Output Sockets Mains voltage (0 to 300V or 0 to 150V)
    Line Voltage Will run off line voltages between 110V and 230V AC 50/60Hz
    Module Width 160mm (primary or secondary console fitting)
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    7075 Data Sheet



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    CalBench Brochure

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