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5075B Digital Multimeter Module

  • A digital multimeter module that combines high performance and accuracy with simple operation.
    With speed and precision, the 5075B easily measures from nanovolts to 10kV, from picoamps to 30 Amps, from nano-ohms up to 1GΩ, and from picofarads to 300μF. It is ideal for users requiring a cost-effective DMM with multiple functions and exceptional resolution and accuracy up to 7½ digits. This makes the 5075B is a versatile solution to essential laboratory calibration and verification, covering a wide range of applications with excellent measurement capabilities, whilst maintaining reliability and performance.

    The Auto Dynamic Filter (ADF) mode allows the 5075B to automatically select the most suitable filter. For a fast changing signal or for when the signal is first connected the reading is displayed almost immediately, but if the input remains constant, the filter time is increased to provide a more stable accurate reading. If the input were disconnected the filter would immediately return to the fastest.

    Operation is simple, all major functions from range selection to null require just one key press. The large 24 digit display shows clearly the range and reading and can even show the time to the next sample if required. Other functions can be easily selected from a scrolled menu.

    Functions for diode/zener tests, max/min, peak hold and continuity checks are available and also various audible warnings can be selected.

    A bar graph function allows the user to program high and low pass/fail limits and switch to the bar display mode. This will give an audible and visual indication to the user of the components specification.

    A low thermal, 10-channel scanner option, allows multiple inputs to be displayed or compared without the additional cost and inconvenience of a separate switching arrangement.

    EasyCal Software - Manage, Automate and Optimise the Calibration Process
    To automate the calibration process the 5075B can be controlled using Time Electronics’ EasyCal software. This provides increased speed of calibration and consistency of results. Easily produce calibration certificates and reports to ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and other international quality standards.

  • Technical Specifications

    DC Voltage
    Range Resolution (at default in brackets) 90 Day ± 5°C 1 Year ± 5°C

    0 to 3mV / 0 to 10mV

    10nV (10nV)

    22 + 80nV

    30 + 80nV

    0 to 30mV / 0 to 100mV

    10nV (100nV)

    22 + 800nV

    30 + 800nV

    0 to 300mV
    0 to 1V

    100nV (1μV)

    22 + 8μV
    12 + 6μV

    30 + 8μV
    18 + 6μV

    0 to 3V / 0 to 10V

    1μV (10μV)

    12 + 60μV

    18 + 60μV

    0 to 30V / 0 to 100V

    10μV (100μV)

    20 + 600μV

    30 + 600μV

    0 to 300V / 0 to 1kV

    100μV (1mV)

    22 + 8mV

    30 + 8mV

    0 to 3kV / 0 to 10kV

    1mV (10mV)

    250 + 1V

    350 + 1.2V

    All DCV specifications ± 0.4μV

    DC Current
    Range Resolution (at default in brackets) 90 Day ± 5°C 1 Year ± 5°C
    0 to 3μA / 0 to10μA 10pA (10pA) 150 + 200pA 200 + 250pA
    0 to 30μA / 0 to 100μA 100pA (100pA) 75 + 1nA 100 + 1nA
    0 to 300μA / 0 to 1mA 100pA (1nA) 75 + 10nA 100 + 10nA

    0 to 3mA / 0 to 10mA

    1nA (10nA)

    75 + 100nA

    100 + 100nA

    0 to 30mA / 0 to 100mA 10nA (100nA) 75 + 1μA 100 + 1μA
    0 to 300mA / 0 to 1A 100nA (1μA) 150 + 10μA 200 + 10μA
    0 to 3A / 0 to 10A 10μA (10μA) 500 + 200μA 750 + 200μA
    0 to 30A 100μA (100μA) 500 + 2mA 750 + 2mA
    AC Voltage
    Range Resolution* 90 Day ± 5°C 1 Year ± 5°C
    0 to 30mV 1μV 0.05% + 4μV 0.06% + 4μV
    0 to 300mV 10μV 0.05% + 40μV 0.06% + 40μV
    0 to 3V 100μV 0.05% + 400μV 0.06% + 400μV
    0 to 30V 1mV 0.05% + 4mV 0.06% + 4mV
    0 to 300V 10mV 0.15% + 0.1V 0.2% + 0.12V
    0 to 3kV 100mV 0.15% + 1V 0.2% + 1.2V

    * Voltage AC + DC / Current AC + DC
    Total measurement error will not exceed the sum of the separate AC + DC accuracy specification, plus one display digit.

    All AC Voltages ± 50μV

    AC Current
    Range Resolution* 90 Day ± 5°C 1 Year ± 5°C
    0 to 30μA 1nA 0.1% + 8nA 0.2% + 10nA
    0 to 300μA 10nA 0.1% + 80nA 0.2% + 100nA
    0 to 3mA 100nA 0.1% + 800nA 0.2% + 1μA
    0 to 30mA 1μA 0.1% + 8μA 0.2% + 10μA
    0 to 300mA 10μA 0.1% + 80μA 0.2% + 100μA
    0 to 3A 100μA 0.15% + 1mA 0.2% + 1mA
    0 to 30A 1mA 0.15% + 10mA 0.2% + 10mA

    * Voltage AC + DC / Current AC + DC
    Total measurement error will not exceed the sum of the separate AC + DC accuracy specification, plus one display digit.

     All AC Current ± 50nA

    Range Resolution (at default in brackets) 90 Day ± 5°C 1 Year ± 5°C
    0 to 30mΩ / 0 to 100mΩ 10nΩ (100nΩ) 70 + 2μΩ 100 + 2.5μΩ
    0 to 300mΩ / 0 to 1Ω 100nΩ (1μΩ) 40 + 10μΩ 60 + 15μΩ
    0 to 3Ω / 0 to 10Ω 1μΩ (10μΩ) 30 + 80μΩ 40 + 100μΩ
    0 to 30Ω / 0 to100Ω 10μΩ (100μΩ) 20 + 600μΩ 30 + 800μΩ
    0 to 300Ω / 0 to 1kΩ 100uΩ (1mΩ) 20 + 6mΩ 30 + 8mΩ
    0 to 3kΩ / 0 to 10kΩ 1mΩ (10mΩ) 20 + 60mΩ 30 + 80mΩ
    0 to 30kΩ / 0 to 100kΩ 10mΩ (100mΩ) 30 + 600mΩ 45 + 800mΩ
    0 to 300kΩ / 0 to 1MΩ 100mΩ (1Ω) 60 + 8Ω 90 + 10Ω
    0 to 3MΩ / 0 to 10MΩ 1Ω (10Ω) 100 + 100Ω 150 + 120Ω
    0 to 30MΩ / 0 to 100MΩ 100Ω (100Ω) 750 + 10kΩ 1000 + 10kΩ
    0 to 300MΩ / 0 to 1GΩ 10kΩ (10kΩ) 0.5% + 1MΩ 0.75% + 1MΩ

    2 wire ranges begin at 300mΩ. Accuracy applies to 2 and 4 wire resistances

    PRT (PT100) Temperature
    Range Resolution 90 Day ± 5°C 1 Year ± 5°C
    -200 to +600°C 0.001°C 0.05°C 0.06°C

    NOTE: Only available in four terminal mode on the 300Ω range.

    Range Resolution 90 Day ± 5°C 1 Year ± 5°C
    0 to 100kHz 1Hz 10 + 1 12 + 1

    NOTE: Frequency may be measured on either voltage or current inputs if the AC option has been fitted.

    Range Resolution (5 digit) 90 Day ± 5°C 1 Year ± 5°C
    0 to 30nF 1pF 0.2% + 20pF 0.25% + 20pF
    0 to 300nF 10pF 0.2% + 200pF 0.25% + 200pF
    0 to 3μF 100pF 0.2% + 2nF 0.25% + 2nF
    0 to 30μF 1nF 0.2% + 20nF 0.25% + 20nF
    0 to 300μF 10nF 0.2% + 200nF 0.25% + 200nF

    All Capacitances ± 1pF

    Accuracy stated as 90 day and 1 year specification for all ranges ± 5°C in 6 digit mode for DC and 6 digit mode for AC.

    Operation Specifications

    Basic Functions
    N Digits Changes the reading resolution, which can be changed from 4 up to 7 digits, (depending on the scale selected).
    Null Null facility is available on all DC ranges, Ohms and Capacitance. Null is not available on AC or frequency. When this key is pressed, the DMM will accept the measured present value as the zero value for the range selected. If auto-range is on, the unit will null each range. This is useful for cancelling an offset voltage or for zeroing the value of the test leads on resistance.
    Auto Ranging Auto-range (AUTO) will select the optimum range for the measurement. This will introduce very little delay for the operator. The indicator above the keypad will show when the DMM is in auto-range mode.
    Filter The filter alters the integration time of the reading. Filter times are 150ms, 250ms, 500ms, 1s, 2s, 4s, 8s, 16s, 32s & off.
    Internal Temperature Internal Temperature controlled at 35˚C ± 2˚C with an ambient temperature of 20 to 28˚C
    Advanced Functions
    Ohms Compensation Cancels the effects of any offset voltages by first measuring the input voltage with the current source on and the measuring the voltage with the current source off. The induced voltage is the difference between the two voltages, thus giving a more accurate reading. Can be used in 2 and 4 wire mode for measurements up to 100kΩ. Ohms compensation doesn’t work on ranges above 100kΩ.
    Diode / Zener Diode Test The diode test function will passes a current of 1mA through the diode under test and displays the diode forward voltage. May be used for zener diodes up to 10V.
    Self Test Reset The instrument can perform a self-test of all its digital circuits including the IEEE and RAM.
    Max – Min This function displays the maximum and minimum readings of the input. By using the up and down keys the Maximum, Minimum or Present value input may be displayed.
    Peak Hold This function will display the peak value measured. By using the up and down keys the Peak value or Present input may be displayed.
    Component Test Used for component selection. If a component to be tested must fall between a high and low value, component test can be used to make the selection process quicker. It provides a visual display which moves a pointer between the high and low values input, and also indicates whether the component is higher or lower in value than the high and low points if it doesn’t fall between them.

    PRT Temp

    PT100 elements can be measured and displayed in ˚C using this function.

    Dual Display Display Voltage and frequency of the input or the current and frequency (if the AC module has been installed), for AC inputs.
    Analogue Filter The analogue filter can be switched into the input circuit to remove any high frequency noise that may be present on the input.
    Auto Dynamic Filter: The Auto dynamic filter automatically selects the most appropriate filter period. The auto dynamic filter will increase or decrease the filter period (up to the maximum set using the filter key) depending upon the stability of the input signal.
    Continuity / Sample Beep Continuity tests can be performed by selecting this option when in resistance mode. Any value below 30% of the full range will produce the continuity beep. Sample beep alerts the operator to a new reading being displayed.
    Internal Date / Time Date and Time can be displayed or entered using this option.

    Internal Temp

    The internal temperature of the 5075 can be displayed and is updated approximately every 5 minutes. The internal temperature is used to perform an internal calibration when the temperature varies by 1˚C, thus insuring the temperature coefficient of the unit remains negligible.

    Remote Control

    This instrument implements the requirements of the IEEE - 488/1978 standard. The IEEE - 488 interface, allows remote control of the instrument by a suitable computer or controller. Repetitive calibration work can be speedily and accurately carried out, giving printed results if required. The main limitations of the IEEE are :-

    1) A maximum of 15 devices on the bus.

    2) The maximum bus length should not be greater than 20m or number of devices x 2, which ever is the shorter.

    Scanner Option

    The scanner option for the 5075 DMM consists of an internally fitted relay board. This board provides 10 input channels. Up to two boards may be fitted giving up to 20 channels. The relays switch all 4 input terminals: V+, V-, I+, I– to one of 10/20 inputs via the 25 way ‘D’ connectors. The scanner card may be used for voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and PT100.

    Scanner Specifications
    Maximum voltage: 200V DC / 150V AC                              Maximum current: 1A DC / 1A AC
    Thermal EMF: Less than 2μV per contact                        Contact resistance: Less than 150mΩ
    Operating life: Up to 200 million operations                    Operating time: 20ms

    General Specifications

    Operating Temperature 0 to 50˚C

    Line Power

    110/220/240V AC, 50/60Hz (dependant on line power to CalBench)

    Standard Interfaces GPIB (USB adaptor optional)

    Module Width

    500mm (primary console fitting only)

  • Module


    Precision Digital Multimeter Module



    Low Thermal EMF 10 Channel Scanner

    C162 Factory Calibration Certificate (NPL traceable)
    C130 UKAS Calibration Certificate (ISO 17025)
    Calibration Software and Accessories


    EasyCal Full License - when purchased with multifunction calibrator/DMM: Discounted full license with 1 year support. 
    For further licenses and EasyCal add-ons see the Easycal web page or PDF brochure


    Printer & Connectivity Kit (Printer, DVD-RW, 4 Port USB Hub, Numeric Key Pad & USB Memory Stick)

    9777 Bar Code Reader
    9778 Cal and ID Label Printer
    9779 Job Card and Address Label Printer
    9743 PCI - GPIB interface card
    9794 USB - GPIB Adaptor
    9597 GPIB Cable
    ESP1 EasyCal Support Package 1: 1 year email and telephone support. Minor upgrades.
    ESP2 EasyCal Support Package 2: 2 year email and telephone support. Minor upgrades.
    EOT1 EasyCal Online Training Session (Via Remote Desktop)
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    5075B Data Sheet



    CalBench Brochure

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    CalBench Brochure

    20MB (Higher resolution)