Additional Modules

Additional Modules

Custom modules, interfaces and auxiliary solutions

A selection of modules for various applications on the CalBench. Control centre modules are PC interfaces that are utilised without the 8060 or 7051Plus calibrators. They can be setup to work with benchtop test equipment or just as a centralised computer on the bench. 

Modules also include additional power sockets that are commonly added to repair and utility type CalBenches. The 8002 emergency stop button module provides a safety function for immediate power cut-off when needed. Various custom modules can be designed and integrated also.

  • Additional Modules

    CC12 Control Centre

    • PC only module with 12.1” touch screen
    • 64 bit dual core processor
    • 16 GB RAM, 120 GB hard drive
    • Windows 10 operating system
    • 4 front USB ports, 3 under console
    • 2 x RS-232, 1 x HDMI under console
    • EasyCal calibration software optional
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  • Additional Modules

    CCPAD Control Centre Numeric Keypad with Jog Dial

    • Jog dial and keypad module
    • Situates next to control centre module
    • Ergonomic tactile buttons
    • Convenient method of data entry
    • Deviation control on calibrator outputs
    • Use with EasyCal calibration software
    • Use with 7051 and 8060 modules
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  • Additional Modules

    8003 Emergency Stop Push Button

    • Large push button switch
    • Shuts electrical power off on the CalBench
    • Red mushroom 40 mm diameter head 
    • Turn-to-release function for easy reset
    • Mechanical durability of 300000 cycles
    • Rated NEMA 13 & NEMA 4X
    • Short-circuit protection with a 10 A fuse
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  • Additional Modules

    SOCKM Power Sockets

    • Dual and quad socket modules
    • Regional socket types available
    • Ideal to utilise spare console space
    • Use to add sockets to fixed AC modules
    • Available with on/off switches
    • Perforated panel mounted socket strips
    • Tabletop mounted power strip options
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  • Additional Modules

    8006-8007 Solenoid Test Power Supplies

    • 8006: 24 V DC (2 A) / 8007: 115 V AC (2 A)
    • Simple operation using momentary switch
    • Continuous output switch
    • LED display voltage meter
    • 2 A fuse accessible via front panel
    • Universal 4 mm safety binding terminals
    • Other voltages available upon request
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  • Additional Modules

    VT-600M Torque Analyser/Calibrator

    • Calibrate torque wrenches, pulse tools
    • Test hand screwdrivers and power tools
    • Module connects to benchtop system
    • Torque loading bench included
    • EasyCal software compatible
    • System Accuracy ± 0.25 % of reading
    • Track/Peak/Hold/First Peak/PwrTool modes
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