Additional CalBench Fittings & Extras

Fittings and extras to enhance the CalBench workspace

CalBenches are robust, customisable workstations that can be made to accommodate various end user requirements. Whether utilised in a lab, workshop, container or vehicle, we work with each customer to provide the necessary environment for their dedicated applications. In addition to the products shown here, we can design and fabricate bespoke solutions.

Various premium worktop options are available, including ESD laminate, multiplex, and stainless steel for heavy duty industrial work. Tabletop matting options include the 7186 ESD workstation kit with accessories. It is suitable for users performing repairs, soldering and other service applications. Overhead frames with LED panels can be fitted for increased bench lighting.

  • Additional CalBench Fittings and Extras

    OHL-2000 Overhead Light Kit

    • Frame mounting kit with overhead light
    • Top fix premium LED luminaire, 43 W
    • Colour temperature 4000 K
    • Anodized aluminium light housing
    • Ergonomic design with broad light output
    • Features CDP screen, glare & flicker free
    • Maintenance-free LED technology
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  • Additional CalBench Fittings and Extras

    Worktop Options

    • Premium grade worktops, 38 mm thick
    • Standard grey laminate, shock-proof edging
    • ESD laminate for antistatic (7185)
    • Integrated ESD resin bonded mat option
    • Multiplex option, bonded hardwood beech
    • Stainless steel option, zinc coated cladding
    • Various matting options
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  • Additional CalBench Fittings and Extras

    7186 ESD Workstation Kit for CalBench

    • 1x ESD mat (800 x 2000 mm) 
    • Earth bonding plug
    • 3 x 10 mm studs
    • Fabric adjustable wrist strap
    • 1 x 10 mm coiled earth lead
    • 1 x 10 mm straight lead
    • 1 x crocodile clip
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