Additional Calibration Products

Additional Calibration Instruments

Products for additional calibration capabilities on CalBench

CalBench systems provide a dedicated workstation for calibration, testing and R&M applications. Modules commonly provide the main workload coverage, but we also have a wide selection of test instruments for task specific end user requirements. Shown below are some of the additional products we supply, with others available upon request.

We work with each customer to understand the technical requirements beyond the primary functionality of the CalBench. Products like dead weight testers are familiar industrial calibration standards that users like to include. Then for mechanical based calibration we have instruments and kits to enable users to calibrate dimensional, weight, torque and much more.

  • Additional Calibration Instruments

    7151 Vernier and Micrometer Calibration Kit

    • Calibrate calipers, micrometers
    • Calibrate verniers, depth gauges
    • 47 piece grade 1 block set
    • 200 mm block holder
    • Cylindrical jaws
    • 4 optical flats
    • Compact granite surface plate
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  • Additional Calibration Instruments

    7179 Test Weights

    • F1 class stainless steel weight sets
    • For calibration of scales, balances
    • 7179A: 1 g to 2000 g (total weight: 6110 g)
    • 7179B: 1 g to 5000 g (total weight: 11110g)
    • Plastic carry case with weights fitted
    • Brush & cloth to remove surface dust
    • Tweezers & cotton gloves included
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  • Additional Calibration Instruments

    8002 CalBench Environmental Monitor

    • RH, temperature and atmospheric pressure
    • Connect to CalBench control centre via USB
    • Supplied with logging software
    • Magnetic rear for perfo panel mounting
    • Monitor environmental conditions
    • Use 8002 data on calibration certificates
    • Data and reports can be printed or exported
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  • Additional Calibration Instruments

    VT-600 Torque Calibration System

    • Calibrate torque wrenches, pulse tools
    • Test hand screwdrivers and power tools
    • 4 in 1 tranducer 4–50in-lb to 20–250ft-lb
    • 600 ft-lb transducer
    • Mechanical loading bench
    • System Accuracy ± 0.25 % of reading
    • Track/Peak/Hold/First Peak/PwrTool modes
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  • Additional Calibration Instruments

    HC-5150 HART Communicator

    • Intrinsically safe HART communicator
    • Ergonomic, handheld design
    • 4.3 ” anti-glare touchscreen
    • Full QWERTY keyboard
    • PC connectitivy for device management
    • Includes docking station and carry case
    • Includes 250 ohm resistor, HART lead kit
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  • Additional Calibration Instruments

    7890-91-92-93 Dead Weight Testers

    • Simple operation primary standards
    • 7890: Hydraulic 1 to 700 bar
    • 7891: Hydraulic 1 to 1200 bar
    • 7892: Hydraulic 1 to 2600 bar
    • 7893: Pneumatic 1 to 120 bar
    • 0.015% of rdg standard accuracy
    • Up to 0.006% of rdg premium accuracy
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