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About CalBench - Multi Instrument Calibration

About CalBench


The Time Electronics CalBench combines an industrial grade workbench with a modular console that enables the user to perform instrument calibration and testing applications in one workspace.  

CalBenches are used worldwide in on-site test facilities, laboratories and training centres. Each system is purpose built and provides an ergonomic workspace for engineers and technicians. 
For full details see the CalBench Catalogue here.

  • CalBench is the ultimate multifunction calibration station from Time Electronics. Each calibration bench is custom-made to meet specific user requirements. Offering versatility and precision it is ideal for laboratories and workshops in need of multi-product testing and instrument calibration that meets the highest industry standards.

    A wide range of modules can be fitted to the primary console creating a highly flexible system that is both functional and easy to use. Further expansion can be achieved by adding the secondary console, mounted under the primary.

    Calibration modules cover electronic signal, temperature, loop, and pressure applications. Power supplies, DMMs, oscilloscopes and generator modules can also be fitted into the bench consoles. Functions are clearly defined on each module and a competent technician will quickly master the operation of the system without training or constant reference to manuals. Various fittings, functions, and additional devices can be added to CalBench to create a comprehensive work environment.

    CalBench - A Complete Calibration Laboratory in One Test Bench

    Each CalBench is built for the end user's designated applications. With standard modules capable of calibrating multiple instruments and devices, and add-ons or modifications to cover user-specific requirements. CalBench is the ideal system for calibrating: 

    • Pressure: Gauges, Calibrators, Transducers, Transmitters, Indicators, Switches, Valves.

    • Temperature and Loop: Sensors, Indicators, Thermocouple and RTD Transmitters, Calibrators, PRTs, Thermistors.

    • Electrical/Electronic: Multimeters, AC/DC Signal Sources, Clamp Meters, Tachometers, Ohmmeters, Decade Boxes, Power Supplies.

    • Frequency: Signal Generators, Oscilloscopes, Frequency Meters, Timer Counters.

    • And Much More: Incorporate various test equipment for Flow, Level, Mass, Mechanical, Dimensional, and other applications.

    CalBench for Industries Worldwide

    Time Electronics Calibration Benches are used in test facilities across the world. CalBench provides customers with a high performance system for the necessary applications within their respective industries.

    • Popular Industries: Petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Automation, Automotive, Aeronautics, Transport, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, R & D, Metrology, Process, and Education.

    • Popular Locations: Processing Plants, Offshore Platforms, Refineries, Power Plants, Engineer Training Centres, Schools and Universities, Calibration Laboratories, R & D Labs, Manufacturing Plants.

  • CalBench General Specifications

    The 7080 CalBench consists of the workstation frame, table top, and primary console. The 7082 mains power module is fitted as standard in every bench. The remaining space in the primary console houses the modules selected by the user for their applications.
    The primary console is mounted on two support arms that fix to the rear of the workstation frame. There are two fixed height settings available, allowing the user to position the console 245mm or 400mm above the worktop. A perforated back panel is fitted below the primary console. It is sized to accommodate both height settings and can be complemented with tool hooks, holders, and accessories.
    The 7081 secondary console is an optional expansion that mounts under the primary, housing additional modules. Being 225mm deep it maintains user worktop space. When fitted the perforated rear panel is removed.
    Each bench is heavy duty, constructed from mild steel throughout with side panels and console support arms welded to provide a reinforced frame. The bench worktop is a durable laminate finish with rolled front edge. Antistatic or customer specific worktops are also available.
    Bench set up is fast and simple as the consoles are supplied complete, fully tested, with the modules installed. The complete system requires only basic construction and once the mains power and line pressure is connected it is ready for use. The primary console is powered from a single-phase mains supply via a 16A heavy duty type IEC socket at the rear of the console. The secondary console is powered from the primary console via an IEC power link cable. For pressure, the external line input ports are arranged on the rear of the consoles.

    Bench Low Setting Primary Console only
    • Bench High Setting Primary and Secondary Consoles
    • Bench High Setting Primary Console only
    • Bench Low Setting Primary Console only
    • Pressure/Electrical/Process Bench in use

    Bench Modules

    Time Electronics have a wide selection of modules for various applications. Standard modules are for calibration, verification, and powering instrumentaion and devices.

    Pressure: Precision calibrators, indicators, and controller modules. Ranges from vacuum to 600bar.
    Power Supplies: Fixed and adjustable AC and DC power supplies, dual and programmable units.
    Loop and Temperature: High accuracy loop calibrator modules with source, measure and sink functions. Temperature calibrators capable of measuring and simulating RTDs/thermocouples.
    Multifunction Calibrator & DMM Modules: The 7051 provides high accuracy multi-product calibration and has an internal 6½ digit multimeter. Also available are the 5065B (6½ digit) and 5075B (7½ digit) DMM modules.
    Additional Modules: Further modules include oscilloscopes, frequency counters, function generators, and harmonics analyzers. Custom design modules can be fitted allows the user to integrate a familiar instrument into their system. 

    Pressure Modules
    • 7051 Multifunction Calibrator and DMM Module
    • Loop, Temperature, and Custom Fitted Modules
    • Power Supply Modules
    • Pressure Modules

    Additional Extras

    To enhance the CalBench system and cover user specific applications
    Time Electronics supply a variety of extras: 

    Bench Fittings: Various fittings can be added to CalBench to improve usability and create a more efficient workspace. Under-worktop drawers, cabinets, CPU holders, tool holders and hooks for the perforated back panel; air preparation kits, desktop mountable devices, and more are available. Custom modifications and add-ons can also be incorporated.
    External Options: Pneumatic and hydraulic calibration pumps, pressure gauges, dead weight testers, dry block calibrators, pressure test kits, hoses and connectors, test lead sets, solder stations, vices, and much more.
    Laboratory Design and Supply: Time Electronics offers a turnkey laboratory design service for customers requiring a complete and efficient test facility. Using 3D software we create the layout then generate images and videos to visualise the concept. We supply all the necessary test equipment and surrounding laboratory furniture.

    Bench Fittings - Under Worktop Drawer and Tool Holders
    • Bench Fittings - Under Worktop Drawer and Tool Holders
    • Bench Modifications - Secondary Shelf Console
    • External Options for Pressure, Temperature, and more
    • Laboratory Design and Supply Service
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