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7016 Calibrador de Baja Presion Regulada

7016 Calibrador de Baja Presion Regulada
  • 7016


  • Baja presión regulada
  • Versiones de vacio a 10bar
  • Exactitud 0.04%
  • Neumática
  • Energiza lazos de 24/36V
  • Mide corriente de lazos
  • Alarma por Sobre-presión

7016 Imágenes

  •  Calibrador de presión portable de diseño rígido y operación simple. Adecuado para instrumentación de campo neumática.

  • Technical Specifications

    Specifications are for 1 year at 23ºC ±5ºC. Accuracy includes linearity and long term effects.
    All accuracies are ±1 digit. For operation outside specified temperature range, apply 70ppm per °C
    Range (bar) Vac 0.2 2 5 10

    Accuracy (% of fs)






    Resolution (bar)







    0.2bar versión: mbar, PSI, kg/cm2, cmWg and mA.
    Vac, 2, 5, and 10bar versiones: bar, PSI, kg/cm2, cmWg and mA.

    Maximum Pressure

    10bar for 0.2, 2, 5bar versiones
    12bar for 10bar version

    Sensor Piezo-resistive - stainless steel diaphragm
    Over pressure warning 1.2 x range full scale - audio and visual (on LCD) warning


    Quick Release

    Range Loop current measurement 0 to 200mA
    Resolution 10μA
    Resistance Loop load 5Ω
    Accuracy 0.05% of reading ±1 digit
    Loop Drive 24V or 36V switch selectable, 50mA max - isolated and with short circuit protection
    Continuity Threshold: 100Ω with audio and visual warning
    Terminals 4mm industry standard terminal posts

    General Specifications

    Power Source Internal rechargeable NiMH batteries, or mains supply (230V or 110V 50/60Hz)
    Battery Life 24 hrs of typical usage between charges
    Display 7 segment LCD with ‘Low Battery’ warning indicator
    Interfaces RS-232 for readback and re-calibration (software not supplied)
    Case Structural resin which is weather-proof to IP66 standard
    Dimensions W270 x H175 x D250mm
    Weight 3kg

    Supplied with

    1 pressure hose: Quick release fitting. Electrical Test Lead: Twin flexible lead, terminated with 4 off 4mm gold plated plugs. Electrical probes: 2 off low voltage probes and 2 crocodile clips. Mains power lead.

    Optional Extras

    Pneumatic hand pump, gauges, loop simulators, EasyCal calibration software, spare fuses, and calibration certificates traceable to NPL and UKAS

    Country of Origin UK
  • Modelos


    Calibrador de Baja Presion Regulada (+ pressure range code shown below)

    Pressure Range Ordering Information
    Range (bar) Vac 0.2 2 5 10

    Range Code








    Pneumatic Hand Pump (-950mbar to 40bar)  -  View web page


    Loop-Mate 1: Loop Current Simulator  -  View web page


    Licencia de EasyCal completa - when purchased with calibrator/DMM: Discounted full license with 1 year support. 
    For further licenses and EasyCal add-ons see the Easycal web page.

    C178 Certificado de calibración fábrica
    C190 Certificado de calibración UKAS (ISO 17025)
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    7016 Data sheet



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    7016 Calibrador de Baja Presion Regulada

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