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7040 Digital Pressure/Current Calibrator

7040 Digital Pressure/Current Calibrator
  • 7040 Digital pressure/current calibrator


  • Vacuum to 20bar versions
  • 0.04% accuracy
  • Loop current calibration
  • 9 engineering units
  • Min / Max function
  • Leak rate function
  • RS-232 serial interface

7040 Images

  • The 7040 is a portable pressure calibrator suitable for workshop, laboratory and field use. With the capability to measure process loop current and pressure, devices such as transmitters and converters to be calibrated directly. Basic accuracy is 0.04%. Pressure can be displayed in any of nine popular engineering units; Bar, PSI, KPa, inWg, cmWg, inHg, mmHg, Kg/cm2, and Atm.

    Loop current can be displayed in mA, or as a percentage of span (4-20mA). A min/max logging function (pressure or loop current) is provided.
    The min or max values can be recalled to the display and if required can be viewed in real time. An additional feature is leak rate display. This allows the actual leakage rate to be observed in real time in the selected 'pressure units' per sec, or per min.

    By connecting the 7040 to a PC or laptop via RS232 and using a suitable program (see EasyCal calibration software) the displayed parameters can be read back: Pressure, Loop Current, Max Value, Min Value. By arranging for the program to store these values in a database a full data logging set-up is possible.

    The display is 4.5 digit LCD and power is via a 9V PP3 battery. The 7040 is supplied with pneumatic fittings kit and hose, test leads, technical manual, RS232 lead, and carry case. 

    For the 7040, input pressure can be generated by the 7090 pneumatic hand pump (-950mbar to 40bar). The 7090 is compact with comfortable handles with grips moulded into the design make it easy to control the instrument whilst pumping up to pressure. Features include protective caging for the vent valve guarding against accidental damage, and dual o-rings on all pistons to ensure zero leakage Accompanying gauges are also available.

    With RS232 connection as standard the display readback can be performed using EasyCal calibration software. With comprehensive features EasyCal can simplify and speed up calibration procedures. Easily produce calibration certificates and reports to international quality standards. 

  • Technical Specifications

    Range (bar) Vac 0.2 2 5 10 20

    Accuracy (% of fs)

    0.04 (0.025*)


    0.04 (0.025*)

    0.04 (0.025*)

    0.04 (0.025*)

    0.04 (0.025*)

    Resolution (bar)







    * High accuracy available, specify range code + HA on order.

    Vacuum Available on 2 bar model. Measures vacuum to - 1 bar
    Filter Off (4 readings/sec), average of 4 readings, or average of 16 readings

    Temperature Stability

    Less than 0.005% per °C 


    bar, PSI, kPa, MPa, inWg, cmWg, inHg, mmHg, Kg/cm2, atm

    Pressure Connection

    1/8" BSP female in a stainless steel manifold 



    Over Pressure

    3 x full scale

    Wetted Parts

    Stainless steel & silicon (contaminated media version - stainless steel only)

    Loop Current Calibration


    +/- 200mA, and '% of 4-20mA' 


    10μA (200mA range), 0.1% (% of 4-20mA range) 

    Loop Resistance

    Less thanΩ


    0.05% of reading +/- 2 digit, (0.1% for '% of 4-20mA' range) 


    250mA automatic reset Poly-Fuse 


    4mm industry standard terminal posts

    General Specifications


    PP3 battery, life 50 hours continuous use 


    Pressure display: In one of 9 user selectable units
    Loop current display: In mA or % of 4 - 20mA
    Leak rate display: In pressure units per sec, or per minute, as selected in user set-up Max/Min logging display 

    Interfaces RS-232 for readback and re-calibration (software not supplied)

    Front panel

    Polycarbonate membrane keypad

    Case Structural resin which is weather-proof to IP66 standard
    Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
    Storage Temperature -10 to 60°C


    H157 x W90 x D33mm 



    Supplied With

    Carry case, Pneumatic fittings kit and hose, Test lead, Serial link cable 

    Optional Extras

    Pneumatic hand pump, EasyCal calibration software, and calibration certificates 

    Country of Origin UK
  • Models


    Digital Pressure/Current Calibrator
    + pressure range code (shown below) + C (contaminated media)  or A (absolute pressure sensor)

    Pressure Range Ordering Information
    Range (bar) Vac 0.2 2 5 10 20

    Range Code

    7111 (HA)


    7101 (HA)

    7102 (HA)

    7103 (HA)

    7104 (HA)



    Pneumatic Hand Pump (-950mbar to 40bar)  -  View web page


    EasyCal Full License - when purchased with calibrator/DMM: Discounted full license with 1 year support. 
    For further licenses and EasyCal add-ons see the Easycal web page.


    Factory Calibration Certificate (NPL traceable)


    UKAS Calibration Certificate (ISO 17025)

  • PDF Downloads
    File Name File Size Language

    7040 Data Sheet



    7090 Pneumatic Pump Data Sheet



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    7040 Digital Pressure/Current Calibrator

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