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7084 Line Pressure Controller Module

  • The 7084 is a line pressure controller module used to provide adjustable regulated pressure for connection bench modules and external pressure devices. It is particularly suitable for use with the 7038 and 7065 pressure indicator modules. Incoming pneumatic line pressure is connected via the rear of the console, with output via the front panel port.

    There are seven available versions, and the module is built according to the customer's required range, either 5, 10, 20, 35, 70, 100, or 200bar. The external line pressure may be from a compressor or regulated gas bottle.

    The 63mm front panel gauge displays the regulated line pressure. Direct output of the internal line pressure is also available on the front panel via quick release connection (on 5, 10, and 20bar versions) or minimess connection (on 35, 70, 100, and 200bar versions). The external line pressure can be isolated using a needle block valve on the front panel. Multiple 7084's can be fitted to CalBench consoles, to provide a choice of output pressures simultaneously. 

  • Specifications

    Available Versions 5, 10, 20, 35, 70, 100, or 200bar
    Gauge 63mm anti-shock analogue
    Regulator Pneumatic self-relieving
    Maximum Line Pressure Dependant on version ordered
    Fittings Quick Release for 5, 10 & 20bar versions. Minimess for 35, 70, 100 & 200bar versions
    Rear Connections Quick Release for 5, 10 & 20bar versions. Minimess for 35, 70, 100 & 200bar versions
    Front Panel Output Port Same connection as line input port
    Valve Swagelok needle isolation valve on line input port
    Module Width 150mm (primary or secondary console fitting)
  • Module


    Line Pressure Controller Module (+ pressure range code – shown below)

    Pressure Range Ordering Information
    Range (bar) 5 10 20 35 70 100 200
    Option Code 7102 7103 7104 7105 7106 7107 7108
    7198 Adaptors and Fittings Kit
    C174 Factory Calibration Certificate (NPL traceable)
    C136 UKAS Calibration Certificate (ISO 17025)
  • PDF Downloads
    File Name File Size Language

    7084 Data Sheet



    7198 Pressure Adaptors & Fittings Kit Data Sheet



    CalBench Brochure

    8.4MB (Low resolution)


    CalBench Brochure

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