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7030B Auto Pressure Calibrator Module

  • The 7030B is a high speed pressure controller/calibrator module suitable for wide workload calibration of pressure devices such as transmitters, sensors and gauges. Models can be configured for ranges from -1 to 100bar (-1 to 1,500psi), with a barometric reference option available for absolute pressure emulation. Additionally an IntelliScale option can be ordered to provide IS-50 accuracy of 0.025 % of reading in the upper half of the measuring range. This option also provides an enhanced accuracy on the lower 50% of the module range.

    The 7030B user interface has an intuitive touch screen to enable fast and simple operation. EasyCal software can also be used with the unit to fully automate the calibration process, providing control and read back during testing applications.

    With excellent control stability of 0.003%, precision of 0.015% and a 12 month uncertainty of 0.025% full scale (IS-50 optional), the 7030B is well suited for industrial calibration of pressure sensors and transmitters, or as a working standard for the control and calibration of all types of pressure gauges.

    The module features a colour touch-screen interface with user-friendly menus designed for simple operation, enabling users to quickly learn and master the operation and controls. Depending on the application, the user can choose between three input functions:

    1. Numeric keypad for the precise input of the pressure value (set point) which will be controlled.
    2. The STEP key menu provides defined steps programmed in pressure increments or percent of full span to move the pressure set point across the range of the instrument under test. Step key values are user defined in the setup menu.
    3. The JOG key menu provides a way for the operator to define small pressure steps up or down to reach a cardinal point on a dial gauge. The jog buttons increment the least significant digit by 1, 10 or 100 counts.

    EasyCal Software
    The 7030B is EasyCal Software compatible, enabling automatic calibration to increase speed and efficiency of work. EasyCal controlled calibration significantly decreases testing times, meaning less instrument downtime and faster turnaround. In addition EasyCal has features to manage and administrate both inventory and quality control, so it gives users the platform for their entire calibration program.

    In a CalBench, EasyCal can be used on a control centre or 7051 module, that is conveniently positioned centrally in the primary console with the 7030B located to the side. This provides a solution that is both automated and ergonomic, ideal for workshops and laboratories that require an organized workspace.

  • Specifications

    Pressure ranges -1 to +100 bar (depending on range ordered)
    Pressure Types Absolute, gauge or bi-directional ranges
    Precision < 0.015% FS (0.015% IS with 7030INTSC option)
    1 year Uncertainty < 0.025% FS (0.025% IS-50 with 7030INTSC option)
    IntelliScale Option 0.025 % IS-50 Accuracy: 0.025 % of reading in the upper half of the measuring range, and 0.025% from 50% of max to the minimum range, ie 0.025% of 50% of the ordered range.
    0.015 % IS Precision - Defined as the max deviation between two measurements at one point under lab conditions, including linearity, hysteresis & repeatability of the measuring instrument.
    Note: IS-50 only available on bi-directional models 10bar & above, gauge & absolute models 1bar & above.
    Barometric Reference Option The barometric reference can be used to switch pressure types, absolute <=> gauge. With gauge pressure sensors, the measuring range of the sensors must begin with -1bar (-15psi) in order to carry out an absolute pressure emulation.
    Measuring range: 552 to 1,172 mbar abs. (8 to 17 psi abs) / Accuracy: 0.02 % of reading
    Pressure units 38 selectable and 2 programmable
    Control stability 0.003% of range
    Slew rate 3 seconds to stable flag (+/-0.025% full scale pressure) for a 10% pressure change typical into 150cc volume at pressures greater than 0.34bar (5 PSI). Larger volumes can lengthen this time. Controlling to pressures less than atmosphere can lengthen this time.
    Control range Maximum from 0 up to 100% FS
    Overshoots < 1 % FS in high speed mode
    Test volume 50 to 1,000ccm (without throttle)
    Pressure ports Quick release (20bar and under), Minimess (above 20bar)
    Filter elements 30 micron filter element included in each pressure port
    Pressure media Clean dry non-corrosive gases
    Wetted parts Aluminium, brass, 316 and 316L stainless steel, Buna N, FPM/FKM, glass filled epoxy, RTV, Nylon
    Overpressure protection Safety relief valve
    Screen Colour LCD with touch-screen
    Resolution 4 to 6 digtis
    Display update 4 values/sec
    Warm-up time approx. 15 minutes
    Digital Interface RS-232, USB
    Command sentences SCPI
    Power Supply 100 to 230V AC, 50/60 Hz, as per CalBench supplied
    Supply port Pressure Maximum 105 to 110% FS
    Test port Pressure Maximum 105% FS
    Operating temperature 0 to 50°C
    Storage temperature 0 to 70°C
    Air humidity 5 to 95% (relative humidity without moisture condensation)
    Compensated temperature range 15 to 45°C
    Module Width 295mm (primary console fitting only)
  • Module


    Automatic Pressure Calibrator Module (+ pressure range code shown below)

    Pressure Range Ordering Information
    Standard Ranges (bar) Vac to 2 Vac to 5 Vac to 10 Vac to 20 Vac to 35 Vac to 70 Vac to 100

    Range Code








    Custom Ranges

    (Contact Us)

    Gauge pressure: 0 to 0.35 up to 0 to 100bar (0 to 5 up to 0 to 1,500psi)

    Bi-directional: -0.35 to +0.35 up to -1 to +100bar (-5 to +5 up to -15 to 1,500psi)

    Absolute pressure: 0 to 1 up to 0 to 101bar abs. (0 to 15. up to 0 to 1,515psi abs.)



    Barometric Reference option

    7030INTSC IntelliScale option for 7030B (available on bi-directional models 10bar & above, gauge & absolute models 1bar & above)


    Pressure Adaptors and Fittings Kit


    EasyCal Calibration Software (see Bench Software)


    Factory Calibration Certificate (NPL traceable)

    C229 UKAS Calibration Certificate (ISO 17025)
  • PDF Downloads
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    7030B Data Sheet



    7198 Pressure Adaptors & Fittings Kit Data Sheet



    CalBench Brochure

    8.4MB (Low resolution)


    CalBench Brochure

    20MB (Higher resolution)