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7088D Adjustable AC Supply Module

  • The 7088D provides variable 50Hz AC power up to 10A. The output voltage and current is monitored on two digital meters with 4 digit resolution and bar graph display. Output connection is via a front panel mains socket (type selectable when placing order), or via 4mm safety terminals. The output is protected by a 10A circuit breaker. Further protection is provided a front panel fuse. The output voltage is adjustable by turning the front panel control knob. An independent incoming power switch is also provided. The 7088D is not isolated from the mains supply so the highest output voltage is dependant upon the mains line voltage (ie 265V at 240V input, 121V at 110V input).

    The 7088D’s method of achieving a variable AC supply is by means of using a variable voltage auto-transformer. This provides a trouble free and an efficient way of varying/controlling AC voltages. Variation of the output voltage is achieved by a brush arm with a carbon tip, which rotates around a silver plated commutator.

    The mains socket type on the 7088D is selected by the user. These include UK 13A, Euro Schuko 16A, US 15A, and Indian Round Pin 15A. The type must be specified on ordering. Additionally the module has 4mm shrouded sockets for use.

  • Specifications

    Power Dependant on the mains supply to the bench (not isolated)

    Output Voltage

    Variable 0 to 110% above line input.
    - Example Voltage Inputs/Outputs: 0 to 265V 50Hz, 10A at 240V input. 0 to 121V 50Hz, 10A at 110V input.

    Output Current 0 to 10A maximum
    Input Fuse 10A slow blow
    Output Circuit Breaker 10A (medium response time)
    Accuracy 1%
    Displays 2 digital displays for V & I, W57 x H53mm each, high contrast anti-glare LCD screen, 4 digit reading and bar graph display, green backlight colour.
    Display Resolution Display: 4 digits for V & I. Voltage Resolution: 0.1V / Current Resolution: 0.01A
    Switches Mains power on/off switch and an independent incoming power switch
    Output Socket Specified on ordering, UK, Euro, US, Indian types and more available
    Additional Output Sockets 4mm shrouded sockets (safety terminals)
    Earthing A PE socket is provided for wrist bands, mats, etc (see separate datasheets).
    Output Voltage Control Front panel analogue deviation control
    Module Width 350mm (typically fitted in the left corner of the primary console)
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    7088D Data Sheet



    CalBench Brochure

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    CalBench Brochure

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