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7087 Quad Fixed DC Power Supply Module

  • The 7087 is a quad DC power supply that provides four fixed independent floating supplies in one compact module. It is suitable for powering loop instrumentation and other devices. The voltage and current ratings are 6V (20A), 12V (10A), 24V (6A), 48V (3A).

    Operation is simple with the 6V control switch being the master to put the module in to standby. This enables the user to access the other supplies which can then be switched on and off individually. Each supply has its own switch, fuse and power LED indicator. Output connections are industry standard 4mm shrouded sockets spaced at 19mm centers.

    The supplies can be connected in series to obtain an alternative output voltage. However, the current rating is that of the lowest rated supply. The supplies must not be connected in parallel.

  • Technical Specifications


    4 fixed independent floating supplies: 6V (20A), 12V (10A), 24V (6A), 48V (3A)

    Output Connection Via 4mm shrouded sockets spaced at 19mm
    Switches 4 on/off front panel switches - 1 for each supply

    Ripple and Noise

    50mV or 1% pk-pk of VNOM, whichever is greater. 


    6V ±200mV at 20A; 12V ±100mV at 10A; 24V ±150mV at 6A; 48V ±300mV at 3A.


    6V - 20A, 12V - 10A, 24V - 6A, 48V - 3A. All 20mm x 5mm, quick blow 

    Current Overload Protection

    125% of rated current. 

    Voltage Overload Protection

    Latching x 60% of nominal voltage for each channel. 

    Indicators 4 separate front panel voltage power LED indicators - 1 for each supply
    Terminal Isolation To ground - 250VDC maximum
    Module Width 80mm (primary or secondary console fitting)
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