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Oscilloscope Modules

Oscilloscope Modules
  • Scope Images


  • 16 Automated Measurements
  • FFT Analysis for Simplified Waveform Analysis
  • Built-in Waveform Limit Testing
  • Automated, Extended Data Logging Feature
  • Autoset and Signal Auto-ranging
  • Built-in Context-sensitive Help
  • Probe Check Wizard
  • 5.7" (144 mm) Active TFT Color Display 


  • CalBench consoles can be fitted with various oscilloscopes depending on customer requirements. Each scope offers excellent accuracy and high performance, and are ideal for maintenance of electronic equipment and general purpose laboratory work. 

    Oscilloscopes have standard features including USB connectivity, automated measurements, limit testing, data logging, and context-sensitive help. Further features include 5.7” LCD colour display, autoset and signal auto-ranging, external trigger output, and probe check wizard.

    Time Electronics offer 5 oscilloscope models as standard. Other models can be supplied and fitted upon request.

    Standard Oscilloscope Modules
    Module Code Bandwidth Channels Sample Rate/channel Record Length
    7021 70MHz 2 1.0GS/s 2.5k points
    7022 70MHz 4 1.0 GS/s 2.5k points
    7023 100MHz 4 2.0GS/s 2.5k points
    7024 200MHz 4 2.0GS/s 2.5k points
    7026 500MHz 4 5.0GS/s 10k points
  • Basic Technical Specifications for the 7021, 7022, 7023 and 7024 Modules

    Display TFT
    Bandwidth 7021 & 7022 = 70MHz. 7023 = 100MHz. 7024 = 200MHz (B/w is 20MHz at 2mV/div for all)
    Channels 7021 = 2. 7022, 7023, & 7024 = 4.

    External Trigger Input

    Included on all modules

    Sample Rate/Channel 7021 & 7022 = 1.0GS/s. 7023 & 7024 = 2.0GS/s
    Record Length 2.5k points at all time bases on all modules
    Vertical Resolution 8 bits
    Vertical Sensitivity 2mV to 5V/div on all models with calibrated fine adjustment
    DC Vertical Accuracy ±3% on all modules
    Vertical Zoom Vertically expand or compress a live or stopped waveform
    Maximum Input Voltage 300V RMS CAT II; derated at 20dB/decade above 100kHz to 13V p-p AC at 3MHz.
    Position Range 2mV to 200mV/div +2V. >200mV to 5V/div +50V
    Bandwidth Limit 20MHz for all modules
    Input Coupling AC, DC, GND on all modules
    Input Impedance 1MΩ in parallel with 20pF
    Time Base Range 7021 & 7022 = 5ns to 50s/div. 7023 & 7024 = 2.5ns to 50s/div
    Time Base Accuracy 50ppm
    Horizontal Zoom Horizontally expand or compress a live or stopped waveform


    USB host port on front panel supports USB flash drives.
    USB device port on back of instrument supports connection to PC. GPIB optional.

    Non-Volatile Storage
    Reference Waveform Display (2) 2.5k point reference waveforms
    Waveform Storage w/o USB Drive 7021 = (2) 2.5k point. 7022, 7023, & 7024 = (4) 2.5k point.
    Maximum USB Drive Size 64GB
    Waveform Storage with USB Drive 96 or more reference waveforms per 8MB
    Setups without USB Drive 10 front-panel setups
    Setups with USB Drive 4000 or more front-panel setups per 8MB
    Screen Images with USB Drive 128 or more screen images per 8MB (the number of images depends on file format selected).
    Save All with USB Drive 12 or more Save All operations per 8MB. A single Save All operation creates 3 to 9 files: setup, image, plus one file for each displayed waveform

    General Specifications

    Temperature Operating: 0 to +50°C. Non-operating –40 to +71°C.
    Humidity Operating and non-operating: Up to 80% RH at or below +40 °C. Up to 45% RH up to +50 °C
    Altitude Operating: Up to 3,000m
    Module Width 425mm (primary or secondary console fitting)

    Full specifications available upon request. For the 7026 please see the data sheet in the download tab.

  • Modules
    7021 Digital Oscilloscope Module - 70MHz, 2 channel, colour LCD display
    7022 Digital Oscilloscope Module - 70MHz, 4 channel, colour LCD display
    7023 Digital Oscilloscope Module - 100MHz, 4 channel, colour LCD display
    7024 Digital Oscilloscope Module - 200MHz, 4 channel, colour LCD display
    7026 Digital Oscilloscope Module - 500MHz, 4 channel, colour LCD display
  • PDF Downloads
    File Name File Size Language

    7021 - 7024 Data Sheet



    7026 Data Sheet



    CalBench Brochure

    8.4MB (Low resolution)


    CalBench Brochure

    20MB (Higher resolution)