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7085 Temperature Distribution Module

  • The 7085 is a temperature distribution panel module that switches 7 thermocouple inputs and 1 RTD reference to a common output. To simplify thermocouple calibration the Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) temperature is displayed in clear easy-to-read digits on an LCD colour display. 

    The 7085 provides a simple operation, yet versatile temperature interface module, enabling verification, and easy connection of thermocouples, RTD, and thermistor sensors to the 7051 bench control centre. The 7085A automatic switching version is also available (requires the 7051 with 10 channel scanner side module 9714B). Module width is 250mm and can be fitted in the primary or secondary console.

    View images or data sheet for the operation diagram.

  • RTD or Thermistor:
    Using rotary selector control, set to position 8/RTD. 2, 3 or 4 wire connection is made either by a universal 3 pin socket, a 4 pin mini Q-G panel plug or via a 4 way plug in terminal block.

    For 2 wire sensors, connect to 'Hi' and 'Lo'; 3 wire connect to 'Hi Sense', 'Hi', and for the third wire, fit a link between 'Lo' and 'Lo Sense', and connect to this terminal. The outputs to the calibrator are taken from the four 4mm output sockets as required.

    Thermocouple verification:
    To prevent temperature gradient errors, all 7 TC sockets, wiring, switching, and output sockets are housed inside a air tight case. The TC sockets which are all CU types, accept miniature or standard TC plugs. The sockets not in use are fitted with blanking plugs; this is to minimize temperature differences across the sockets.

    The cold junction temperature sensor is fitted within the sealed case, close to the center TC socket, number 4. The CJC temperature is read from a large clear colour LCD display screen. This reading is available via RS-232 for use with EasyCal software, enabling automatic verification of the true TC reading.

    The switch is configured as break before make, enabling up to 7 thermocouples to be batch tested, it is recommended that only one type of TC be connected in any batch. 

  • Modules


    Manual Temperature Distribution Panel


    Automatic Switching Temperature Distribution Panel

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