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7079 Loop Ancilliaries Calibrator Module

  • A simple operation module ideal for powering process instrumentation such as pressure transmitters that require an external loop supply.
    An RS-232 connection is available at the rear of the console enabling communication for data read back using EasyCal calibration software.


    0 to 199.99mA Measurement
    To measure current connect the 7079 in series with the circuit under test; the loop must have external power. The display will now show the current flow in the circuit together with the polarity.

    Continuity Test
    To test for circuit continuity, connect the circuit under test in series with the 7079 continuity terminals. If a circuit exists, a audible and visual alarm will sound. The threshold for this test is approximately 100Ω.

    Output 24V
    A separate isolated 24VDC supply is provided to enable the powering up of 4 - 20mA loops for the instrumentation under test. This output is overload protected with a auto re-settable fuse. In the event of an overload allow the fuse to cool down for a few minutes before further use. The 24V is present at the output terminals whilst the bench is switched on. Simply connect the circuit to be powered to these terminals. To power a 2 wire 4 - 20mA system and monitor the current where external power is not available; simply connect the 24V output terminals and loop current measure terminals in series with the 2 wire circuit.

    RS-232 Readback
    An RS-232 port is provided for connection to an EasyCal control port on the 7051 control centre or under worktop PC. EasyCal can readback the loop current on demand to allow automatic calibration of pressure transmitters. 

  • Specifications

    Range Loop current measurement 0 to 199.99mA
    Resolution 10μA
    Resistance Loop load 5Ω
    Accuracy 0.05% of reading ±1 digit
    Loop Drive 24V, 50mA max - isolated and with short circuit protection
    Continuity Threshold: 100Ω with audio and visual warning


    4mm shrouded sockets

    Interface RS-232 to the rear of the console
    Module Width 80mm (primary or secondary console fitting)
  • Module


    Loop Ancillaries Calibrator Module

    ECFLA EasyCal Calibration Software (see Bench Software)
    C175 Factory Calibration Certificate (NPL traceable)
    C121 UKAS Calibration Certificate (ISO 17025)
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