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Lab Design & Services

Lab Design


Time Electronics design and supply complete laboratories focused towards calibration and testing applications. Facilities are built to be highly functional, providing a streamline environment for optimal work flow through the calibration process.

Laboratories are built to cover all customer requirements. We offer a combined software and hardware solution to create a transitional multi-user workspace for management and testing purposes.

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  • The Design Process

    Time Electronics offer a turnkey design and supply service for customers requiring an efficient and ergonomic on-site calibration laboratory. It is created virtually, then supplied complete including all specified test instruments, tools, and furniture. CalBench acts as the primary work station of the laboratory, and is used for the main testing and verification workload.
    The process starts by understanding the user's requirements and applications. Once this is determined the design team will firstly configure the suitable calibration bench or benches, and if necessary add supporting instruments for customer specific applications. Following this the workspace dimensions are supplied and the virtual design begins. Using custom software we create a 2D overview of the laboratory, then generate 3D images and videos to allow the end users to visualise the concept. 
    Each laboratory is designed to optimise the calibration process. This is accomplished by a dual approach of hardware and software. CalBench modules provide the functions to calibrate devices and instruments, whilst EasyCal software is the controlling platform for all work and management. It enables the operators to schedule workload, organise jobs, database and print/store information. It also speeds up calibration by automating test runs when used with the 7051 multifunction calibrator/DMM or other compatible bench modules and instruments.
    In addition to the primary focus of calibration, the lab can incorporate customer designated areas of use. These could be stations for administration work, repair and maintenance, or storage units. Labs can be designed to be fully self-sufficient, with line pressure tools such as compressors and vacuum pumps.

    Laboratory Overview
    • Laboratory Overview
    • Front View Cut Out of Designed Laboratory
    • Angled Shot of Laboratory
    • Angled Shot of Laboratory with CalBench and Work Station

    Laboratory Furniture

    Time Electronics provides heavy duty, premium laboratory furniture and accessories when supplying industrial testing facilities. Items are designed to withstand arduous use and accomodate the requirements of the end users. A variety of furniture is available, custom sized for each individual laboratory. Items include:

    • Storage cupboards and cabinets

    • Work benches (standard and mobile)

    • Multi-purpose trolleys

    • Desk mounted frames and shelving

    • Perfo wall panels

    • Pressure cabinets for boosters and pumps

    • Operator and supervisor chairs and desks

    • Tool cases and parts boxes

    • Worktop accessories: vices, turntables, magnifiers and clamps

    Multi-Purpose Workstation Systems
    • Multi-Purpose Workstation Systems
    • Storage Cupboards and Cabinet/Drawer Units
    • Mobile Benches and Trolleys
    • Tool Cases and Service Kits
  • Time Electronics have comprehensive after-sales support packages for customers that purchase calibration benches, accompanying test instruments, and workshop equipment. After supplying benches and laboratories we can provide the following services:

    On-site bench and lab installation:
    A travelling engineer will visit the test facility and install and commission the CalBench, supporting instruments, and laboratory furniture.
    Our technicians can perform site visits worldwide and are qualified to work on offshore platforms, power and processing plants, and refineries.

    On-site training and demonstration:
    Bench training can be included with the lab installation or scheduled for a later date. The technician will educate the users on how to set up the system and operate the bench modules and additional test instruments. They will also simulate the calibration process by demonstrating tests and  performing calibrations of actual devices at the site.

    On-site annual bench calibration and maintenance service:
    A technician can visit the test facility annually to perform calibration of the CalBench and test equipment. This can be scheduled before or after installation and can include additional training if required.

    Factory acceptance testing and bench training at Time Electronics UK:
    Customers can visit Time Electronics UK and receive training on their ordered system prior to shipment. We will schedule and arrange all aspects of the visit, including local transport and accommodation. Factory acceptance testing can be undertaken by the end user or their designated inspection company.

    Online EasyCal training:
    Using remote desktop sharing we can help customers understand and utilise the software for calibration work and management. We can provide basic tutorials or troubleshoot specific applications relative to the user’s system.

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